I did it!


To everyone who read my thread about not ever being tested for allergie, and then I went to get it done, I chickened out because the nurse was really mean and rude to me...well I got it done today. They said they'll know the results in a few days, they have to send it off..only 2 small tubs of blood was involved, not 2 big and 3 small like the FIRST nurse said a couple months ago.

Oh well...if my test show negative to pn/tn, I'll still avoid, I KNOW what happens when I eat it.. Ugh.

On Aug 20, 2007

Good for you! It will be nice for you to have a value to watch over the years. Please be sure you ask for a copy of the labs to keep at home, as medical records go into storage after a few years.

Take care, Daisy

On Aug 21, 2007

good for you! im thinking about getting tested for seasional alergies but havent because i dont want to get pricked by that caterpiler the dr uses on my children. im such a chicken! erin