\"I can\'t have it :( \" Syndrome

Posted on: Fri, 12/23/2005 - 2:12am
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I've been reading some posts lately how some of our kids have been upset about they can have a certain foods or desserts.

Thought maybe some of us can provide some insight on what has worked (or hasn't worked for us) in trying to promote positive attitudes (regarding PA) in our kids, especially with the holiday season approaching when sometimes it can be hard.

For me, ever since Ryan was diagnosed at age 3, my mentality has been he will not do without. Will not feel he can't have good stuff like everybody else. I remember taking the three Wilton cake decorating classes so he would have the kind of cake other kids would drool over. He was never disappointed with his birthday cakes.

My bedroom was always well-stocked with Canadian Smarties (now it's VNF Skippers), KitKats from Canada, as well as Coffee Crisp. We have lots of candies from VNF, Kellie's, and Not Nutz as well. He has never been deprived of goodies like these. They were always available (within reason, of course!).

Whenever we would go over someone's house for a holiday or birthday party, I would always ask Ryan what favorite food, drink, and snack/dessert he wanted me to bring along. It sometimes was a hassle bringing tons of our bags with chips, cookies, or whatever, but he never felt left out. I did the same for virtually every family event.

The 504 works out well at school. We discuss food events and parties--he always has what he wants.

I'm not saying what I do is right, perfect, or whatever everyone else should do. Just our way of making sure he never felt left out or mad that he couldn't eat what other people were having. Most of the time what he had was better than what other people were having anyway LOL!

Sure would like to hear how other people have accomplished positive attitudes in their PA kids.

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