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Hi, I have a PA son and I'm in talks with his preschool about having the school go "peanut-free". They are very open to it and I really want to help to make this happen.

Anyhow, they have asked me to compile as big a list as possible of all safe foods...snacks, lunches, treats for parties, etc. They want to be able to hand it out to parents.

I know what I give my son but I was hoping if everyone could list a few things that are safe, it would help me to compile a bigger list!

Thanks!! Stacey

On Oct 10, 2004

Hi, First thing we need to know, are you in the US, Canada or elsewhere?

On Oct 11, 2004

I am in US

On Oct 11, 2004

My 4 yr old son is milk and peanut allergic. We have known about the milk for a long time and thought he was peanut allergic, but he had his first exsposure/reaction last January. After it happened he became so sensitive to peanuts that he can not be around it at all, and his preschool class went peanut free. Last year we had tons of problems around the holidays with other students bring unsafe food, and our main concern was milk at that point, this year we have PA too.

I have put together this list to give to the preschool parents as safe treats. If anyone knows or thinks any of these things are not safe please let me know. We are in the U.S.

raisins teddy grahams mini oreos pretzels Skittles Starburst Smarties Willy Wonka Candys Nerds Sweetarts Spangler DumDums Suckers Tootsie Brand Charms Junior Mints Dots Airheads Bubble Gum Jolly Ranchers Runts Fruit chew (not sunkist) Fruit roll ups Pop Tarts fruit and cinnamon Lay's plain chips Plain Fritos Plain Pringles I hope this helps! Janeese

On Oct 11, 2004

Thanks for the list. My son is PA and DA, so this list is handy for me!

There are some butter pretzels out there, so be careful on them

You list Tootsie Brand. Not sure what that is, but Tootsie Rolls have milk.

Honey Maid Graham crackers are OK too. (At least the cinn. and the honey flavors are).

On Oct 11, 2004


Fruit chew (not sunkist)

Just curious why you don't trust sunkist fruit chews (or is that not the same as fruit snacks??) -do they have milk? We use them and haven't had any problems. There is no warning on the labels and they are distributed by GM.

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On Oct 11, 2004

Classroom Snack List (Peanut/Tree Nut Free) 6/04 *List subject to change **Ingredient list must be read on each box/package every time it is purchased!** Only brand names listed below. No Substitutions. Must be in original package.

Note: smaller, individual size packages are often different from regular full size packages, may have different ingredient list or be produced in different facility. May NOT be nut free!

Absolutely no store bought or home - baked goods. No cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, donuts, pies

Classroom Snacks

Nabisco Products: Honey Maid Graham crackers or sticks (plain/honey/or chocolate) Ritz Crackers (plain or whole wheat) Nilla Wafers Teddy Grahams (honey or chocolate) Nabisco Barnums Animal Crackers Wheat Thins (plain original, honey, or

On Oct 12, 2004

The spacing was a little mixed up on my list. Tootsie brand was to indicate they make Charms, Dots and Junior Mints. My son does eat Junior Mints, but when I called they gave me a 'may contain trace amounts of milk', but he has always been ok with them. Everything they produce is peanut free. Sadly we are very familiar with Tootsie Rolls and aware of the milk, a relative gave my son one when I was not around and that was the first time we had to use the epipen.

I am looking for the safe pretzels that we bought last Halloween and will post the name when I find them. I believe that Handover contains milk, so we can't use those.

As for the Sunkist fruit chews/snacks, we don't buy that brand and I was not aware that they were GM. We buy the Scoobie Fruit snacks which are GM. I switch info. on safe products with several people and some where along the way someone mentioned that Sunkist were not safe and I try err on the side of caution until I check it myself. I will check them on my next shopping trip.

My son has also had a reaction to Pez candy, I am going to call them and check it out.

All the phone numbers for the companies are great, thanks for posting them. Just wondering if you give the list with the numbers to your child's school class. My preschool mentioned last year when a gave a huge list of all the safe food, not just snacks that some of the parents felt overwhelmed. I have since tried to make mine as simple as possible, but still try to cover the party foods/snacks. The office keeps a complete list and I teach there, so I always check everything, but next year when he goes to public school I may need to change things.

On Oct 12, 2004


Originally posted by gw_mom3: [b] Just curious why you don't trust sunkist fruit chews (or is that not the same as fruit snacks??) -do they have milk? We use them and haven't had any problems. There is no warning on the labels and they are distributed by GM.


Fruit chew (not sunkist)


I know I'm not the person you directedd the question to, but I'll answer with my reason (which is probably the same as gw_mom's). They have a warning on them that they are made in a facility the also processes peanuts.