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Posted on: Sat, 10/14/2006 - 5:18am
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Oh, I forgot to mention. Lundberg makes rice syrup (substitute for corn syrup).

Posted on: Sat, 10/14/2006 - 7:18am
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There is this fantastic interview on the pervasiveness of corn in our lives on NPR's Fresh Air. I highly recommend listening to it.

Posted on: Sun, 10/15/2006 - 6:13am
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Thanks for that link! I have an interest in the politics of food. It *is* ridiculous how much of our food (and medication) has corn-derived ingredients. That program begins to explain why.
That show on what happens to our meat before it gets to the table is shocking, isn't it? I heard on the radio (CBC--canadian broadcasting corporation) that the first medical records on a disease like alzheimer's first showed up in 19thc Germany . . . which was also the first country to feed animal byproducts to other animals. Scary!
I can't be a vegetarian due to major issues with legumes, nuts, and seeds and things, but I try to buy free range animals that are grain fed and haven't been given antibiotics.

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2006 - 12:17am
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miss robens website is a great place to get corn free baking powder and corn free powdered sugared as well as some other corn free items -- it was extremely tough when my son was diagnosed and i felt like my cupboards were bare -- now they are jam packed and with healthier stuff -- it takes time and a lot of label reading!



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