I am SUPER upset!


Well, this afternoon I was picking up DD (3, pa) and DS (2, no known allergies) from preschool. I work very closely with our preschool...they are peanut free, I am the room mom, the kids are only allowed to bring lunch on field trip days and on those days I get to rifle through the lunch boxes and toss anything with pb or nuts in it :D I LOVE my school...

Anyways, I got involved in a fender bender right outside the school, so I was the second to the last mom to pick up. My son was in his playroom with three other children and his associate teacher (she's been there about 6 weeks). Well, he has a little bit of a rash under his mouth. I thought it was weird so I was holding him while my DD played with a friend at the front desk. I mentioned to the girl up front DS's rash and said, "It looks like he might be allergic to something he ate..." And she said, "Definitely."

So we laid him on the table and he was completely agreeable (which is rare), and looking at him in the light his eye was really red and he was rubbing it and he was starting to get hives near his mouth. I looked at the teacher that he was with (who I caught feeding him regular m&m's last week) and she said, "It wasn't me this time" (referring to the m&m thing). Well, I put him and DD in the car and by then his whole face was almost red. He didn't have hives anywhere else on his body (DD always gets hives all over) so I put off epi...I called up front and said, "Find out who fed him what because he is having a reaction." So DH met me at the house about a half a mile away and we gave him 10 mL of benadryl, but by that time his face was swelling and although he was blotchy red he had those spaces of that awful "shocky green" color. It was awful. In the car I couldn't get him to talk or anything and I was really worried about his throat. He got a little eczema inside his arm, but not really a rash anywhere else...

Long story short, in ER waiting room after a while he reversed and is now fine, but closely watched by us. DH is a paramedic, so I feel safe being at home. But my questions for y'all are:

- Have your kids had severe reactions without hives all over? I mean at it's worst he had tiny hives all around his mouth and around his eyes(???) and his face and neck were red, but nowhere else


- What do I do about school? I mean, I think that the one girl is lying, but I think she will get fired. It just terrifies me that someone OBVIOUSLY ignored the rules and the LIED about it!!! What if he had his reaction with her? Would she be too worried about getting fired to let someone know that he was sick??? Everyone else there is AWESOME and would never let this happen. And I feel bad knowing that there is a miniscule possiblity that he found an oyster under a table (maybe?) and might be falsely accusing her...but seriously, don't feed peoples kids pb! I mean really!

I am going to try to get him a RAST test and a tryptase test to see if it was really a anaphylactic reaction. I gotta go drug him again though. I hate this :(

By calmama on May 23, 2009

I gave my son eggs and he got hives all over the face and head, his eyes were swollen but I gave him Benadryl right away and he was ok. People are not smart and yes, people lie to save their jobs.

A friend of mine was 24 weeks pregnant and went to the ER with contractions. The ultrasound reading was taking forever and they mistakenly sent her home, telling her she was fine. When the doctor actually reviewed her ultrasound and asked where she was, he was informed she was sent home. He said she needed to be admitted and to call her to come back. They had her cell phone number. No one called. She delivered her daughter the next morning. Her daughter is now 2 (miracle) and lives with problems that could've been prevented had the NURSE just picked up the phone. You would think a nurse would understand. They never even got an apology.

So yes, people lie and do stupid things even when they know they created a lot of pain for someone else. I never understood the severity of allergies until very recently. I do not suffer from any allergies and I admit, I was slightly annoyed with those "crazy" moms who insisted on no one bringing PB&J sandwiches to my friend's kids school (which never directly affected any part of my life). I didn't understand at all. I do now, but I didn't then.

By cats4me on May 23, 2009

I think most people just don't get it! A substitute teacher friend told me that the room mom in one class was handing out dixie cups full of nuts to the class for snack. (Why little kids would be getting any kind of nuts is beyond me, just because of the choking hazard). Anyway, someone said, "Oh, so-and-so is allergic to peanuts." So, she dumped out the nuts and put pretzels in the SAME dixie cup! Of course, the child immediately had a reaction. Even my in-laws don't seem to understand when I try to explain the seriousness of food allergies. They look at me like I'm going completely overboard in my precautions. Thankfully, I'm the one with the allergy, not my kids. I truely feel for all of you parents out there! I'd be a nervous wreck!

By Ashley5473 on May 23, 2009

We got the RAST and I guess I will have the results in a week or so...since they have said a couple of things like, "Well, sometimes kids in that class have brought in pb cap'n crunch, etc" - which they're not supposed to...I am wondering what "peanut free" means to them exactly...I know that they didn't know (I didn't know) that ds had any allergies, but still the school was supposed to be peanut free. If this could happen to my son could it happen to DD (who would be waaayyyy worse off, I believe..)...Oh well, we will see..I'm so glad y'all are here and we don't think each OTHER is crazy lol.

By VFettik on May 25, 2009

I had a similar situation just happen at my sons pre-k school. It was supposed to be a peanut free room....but last week some parent thought it would be alright to sneak in a peanut butter jelly sandwich in her kids lunch, and the teachers "forgot" to check lunches that day. I was called by the director of the school to let me know Preston was reacting to something I put in his lunch (which i knew could not have happened because everything was safe and he had eaten other days) so i show up and he is becoming covered from head to toe with HUGE welts. So they assure me no one had peanut products and i took him home and gave him benadryl pondering over what he could have been exposed to or if it was a new allergy i didnt know of. Around 5pm the teacher called to inform me that they found a PBJ sandwich in the trash and spoke to a parent who admitted to sending it in. So now its 5 hours later and his ENTIRE body....all his skin (genitals included) is covered with swollen, red, itchy, throbbing skin.I took him to the ER because it was getting worse and worse....they gave him steriod shots and more benadryl... and a script for prednisone for 5 days. I was so mad because they knew my son has a severe case. He didnt even sit at the same table as this child with the PBJ..... thats just from being in the same room! How will public school ever be safe????

By Ashley5473 on May 25, 2009

I am so sorry that you went through this, too! I hope your child's teacher and the parents of the other child learned their lesson. :-(

Tomorrow is our first day back since the incident and I intend on being a brave advocate for both of my kids. :) Wish me luck!

By parkersmom on Oct 21, 2009

Im near tears here. I understand what your all going threw. Im in a program right now getting my grade 12 (im 23) its for moms with children to help them graduate. So theres daycare provided for us. On the out side of the room my 2 year old daughter Parkers in it says clearly NUT FREE FACILTY. The daycare staff is great, my daughter has a sever peanut allergy, so were she goes her epi pen goes. Last week my daughter started breaking out randomly in hives and i've been going threw the steps as to figure out why. I talked to the head of the day care today and she has assured me there goin to step thing up around her room. Im thinking great maybe that will solve the problem. Wat do i do but walk back into my class room and theres a girl walking across the room holdind a box or resses pieces. Now thats a red flag for me, her son is in the same room as my daughter. in my head i somehow thought that if the room your child is in says nut free you should be smart enought to realize that you shouldnt eat anything that contains nuts. i politley asked her not to eat them and she actually asked me why. I just about flipped out. instead i went out for a smoke. Then i went and talked to the head of our program, and i started crying. If she even touchd my daughter i dont know what would have happend. Needless to say theres a big meeting tomarrow about all of this. Something more has to be done if people can be as stupid as portrayd.

By lakeswimr on Oct 24, 2009

I am very sorry that happened. If you are able I would insist on meeting with all the staff again to go over safety and accommodations. Your child had a reaction that started under their watch and the normal follow up is for the parent/s and staff to meet and figure out what might have caused it and how they can prevent it in the future. I would review basic info and review all safety procedures. One of the most important IMO is that the allergic child is to only eat food from home. I think letting others label read is a recipe for disaster. It makes things so much more simple when your child knows to only take things from his lunch box and doesn't have to mess around with wondering if the adults giving him food know what they are doing or not.

As for symptoms, certainly reactions do not always include full body hives. Reactions don't have to include ANY hives. Do you know the signs of anaphylaxis? Do you have a clear, written emergency plan? Do you have an allergist? If not I recommend getting the above asap.

I think that reaction was borderline. I can't tell what you mean about the redness but if there was ANY swelling around the face then per our plan I am supposed to epi. I would run this by your allergist.

If you don't yet have a plan you can print out this one and bring it to the doc to fill out but I'd steer clear of any doc who didn't give you this to begin with and get a new one asap.