I am sooo frustrated with dd\'s dr.!!!!


Ok, its my turn to vent. Sorry if this is long...

My family and I are in another state visiting family. I checked dd's epipen expirations before leaving and they are good through the month (we have the twin pack). We were supposed to be coming home before then so I didn't worry about it much. Now we've decided to extend our stay, so I went ahead and called my dd's dr. to have him call in a refill. His staff was fine with it until finding out we are out of state. All of sudden its a problem. Now I'm trying to convince them just to call in a refill to our regular pharmacy so I can have it transferred to one here but they have been making me jump through hoops the past 2 days. After talking to them a couple of times this morning they said they would talk to the pharmacy and to call them back this afternoon. Called them at 1:00 and everyone was gone for the day. Called the pharmacy and they hadn't heard from anyone. I'm going to bug them again all day tomorrow but don't know how much luck I'll have. So I guess I will be stuck taking dd to a dr. here, and of course will have to have copies of her records transfered to prove her PA. Either that or we will have to come home early. I understand dr's have to CTA, but really, what harm would come of this? Its not like I'm trying to get painkillers, or that this is my 5th epi this year so I just don't understand. Whay were they fine with calling it in before but not now?

Sorry, I'm just really frustrated...

On Dec 19, 2007

Any chance that you still have refills left on the original prescription? Then you could just call in a refill order.

On Dec 19, 2007

No, they do not give me refills so I have to get a new prescription every time...

After being on them for 2 hours already this morning they finally said they would call a rx in for me. Wow, it only took 2 1/2 days of harrassing them to get it! I'll be calling soon to see if they actually did. (Maybe after dealing with me for so long they finally will give me some refills on the rx lol)

Anyway, I'm sorry to be complaining so much. I read the posts on here about the problems people have with their families and how hard they have to fight to keep their children safe in school. I know my problems aren't nearly that bad, and I appreciate you all being here for me to vent to.

On Dec 19, 2007

i am still pretty new to this, so i haven't had to deal with an epi expiring, but from what i have read, here and elsewhere, they are still good for a few months following the expiration date (as long as the fluid is still clear and not cloudy). nice doc, by the way :(