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Hi, Our daughter has a Peanut Allergy. She carries an Epi Pen. She is 17 Yrs. old. Our daughter had a Peanut allergic reaction to a dish at a local Restaurant. Her throat started to tighten up after a few bites. We did not see Peanut Butter in the ingredients but the waitress said there was after our daughter had eaten the dish called Enchilada De Mole. We had to take her to emergency. I talked to the Mgr. of the Restaurant about it after returning from Emergency where our daughter got an Epi shot and some steroids. . The Mgr. said this happened before also. I asked him to change the menu or at least warn people of the dishes with Peanut Butter in them . He said he would. What if he doesn't? How do I go about getting this on record locally here in Bend OR? I called the Environmental Health Dept.twice but with no response. I left messages. Any ideas?


Mr. Z.

On Jul 1, 2008

I would call the local radio/ TV station. Do they have a consumer alert person. or a health correspondant? I would contact them.

On Jul 2, 2008


I am sorry this happened. Have you tried the FDA? I had good luck with them when I had an issue with cross contaminated bakery times. They actually visited the store in question.

I don't know if you will have as much luck with restaurants however since I don't think there are laws requiring them to label for top allergens. Although I think a few states back east are working on getting laws in place. Maybe if they do other states will follow.

Also, just so your daughter knows to watch for this next time I think Mole often does contain peanut or peanut butter. I have also seen many times where restaurants use it to thicken bbq or burrito sauces.

On Jul 2, 2008

Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the FDA


On Jul 2, 2008

Did you read the menu description to ascertain the ingredients in the dish, or did you read the [i]actual labels[/i] yourself?

If you read the labels yourself and she still had a reaction, my next thought would be that it was a cross contamination issue within the restaraunt. Did you ask if the restarant prepares other dishes that include nuts in them? Did you discuss proper preparation techniques with the manager or cook?

I'm not sure that I would charge a restarant with anything, especially without knowing the ingredients of all of the other items that they serve and calculating the risks of eating at their establishment.

Good luck to you.

On Jul 4, 2008

They all are Spanish speaking. The Mgr.. spoke some english and the Waitress spoke English. I wrote an e-mail to the local news about Mole which has peanuts in it. Hopefully the next person does not die when digesting Mole.

On Jul 6, 2008

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but why would you let your allergic child eat at a restaranut where you where unable to verify the safety of the food...due to a language barrier or not?

If I did not feel confident about what I was or was not being told in regards to the ingredients of the food, at a non-English speaking restarant, there's NO way I'd let my child eat there. [i]Not a chance.[/i]

And I certainly wouldn't contact the media over it.