I am going to try to get some schools in my area - Peanut Allergy Information

I am going to try to get some schools in my area

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I am going to try to get some schools in my area (Michigan) to go nut-free. Can anyone tell me where they know of some nut-free schools to help benchmark with them? Thanks! I am open to hearing from anywhere (not just in Michigan).

By momtoemie on Sep 16, 2013

Thank you so much!!

By raye on Sep 16, 2013

For starters, Google "Littleton schools, "Why Peanut-Free?" and you will see an informational letter for parents in a nut-free school. Better yet, Google "How to get my child's school peanut-free" and you will find many articles on the subject. Note: Peanut-free schools, however, are NOT totally safe, in that some kids will inadvertently or intentionally go against the rules, so continue to be vigilant and have your child be, also, and have him/her report to you ANY knowledge of nut foods on campus, and you then report that immediately to the Principal. If you know of other parents in your school who have nut- allergic children, organize a regular meet-up or e-mail contact with each to consolidate feelings and findings in your school on the situation of nut exposure. If there are infractions, go as a group to the Principal's office and discuss this seriously. Keep documentation and politely let the Principal know you are doing this. If infractions persist, let Administration know you are very serious and that this will be reported to the local news station if it continues. Childrens' lives are at risk and non-cooperation is not to be tolerated. Peanuts and peanut products are not being eliminated from the lives of the non-allergic. Rather, you are only asking them to indulge at any time other than the 8 hours or so that your life-threatened child is at the same school. It is not your child's fault that the allergy exists, and if non-allergic children should need the same consideration in the future, then one would assume they also would expect and receive cooperation. Stay strong and diligent!

By tomanyfoodalergies on Sep 18, 2013

we live in Mo and Webb city schools are peanut free. all I know what to do is go to the super of the schools and the school board. get a hold of the state over the schools to try to get something done. what might help is it talk to the parents in the school and see if they would back you up and start a petition. I wish I could tell you more it will be a lot of work but nothing is more important than your child. good luck.