Husband lost epi pen!!


I need to vent...

OK...I finally get my husband to start remembering to take the epi pen with my son whenever they go anywhere without me. However, when I went to look for my son's e-belt this morning before school, it was missing. It seems that my husband LOST IT over the weekend!! I think it must have fallen out of the gym bag at swimming lessons on Saturday. I called the pool, and they gave a good search, but came up with nothing.

I find it simply AMAZING that I can give an epi-pen to my little 7 year-old child, and he can be SO responsible with it, yet one of the VERY FEW times that my 35 year-old husband it responsible for it, he LOOSES IT!!

I am so frightened that some child will get ahold of it, and injure themselves. I PRAY that it has fallen into responsible hands.


On Jan 21, 2003

OK, keep breathing. Vent vent vent. I know how you feel. How can something that makes me so obsessed completely slip my husband's mind? How can I spend all day at a FAAN conference of all things, and when I return my husband is out somewhere with the kids and the epi pen is hanging next to the door!!!!!!

They know we're handling it and so they sort of relinquish the worrying to us. And that's how they forget when we never could. Go easy on him. He probably feels really dumb.

We have our traveling epi in a fanny pack and we hook it to something whenever possible--to a person, a purse, a gym bag handle, or whatever. Makes it harder to lose it, leave it in the car or whatever.

I bet he feels really bad about it.

On Jan 21, 2003


On Jan 21, 2003

Sandra--Thank you for understanding my feelings. I was a little harsh on DH this morning, however, I have calmed down and I am not so angry at him anymore. And, your right, he DOES feel REALLY stupid!!

B's mom, Unfortunately, I did not put any ID on the case, but I will be sure to do so when I get a new one. It is an expensive lesson to learn!!

On Jan 25, 2003

Good News!! My DH found our ebelt at the pool this morning in the lost and found!! I cant believe that the staff didnt check there. I guess they weren't nearly as concerned about it as I was.

Oh well, at least it is back in safe hands.

On Jan 25, 2003

Do you have contact information on the belt. I embroidered our phone # on our sons belt after he lost it at a campsite. Someone had turned it into the caretaker so we eventually got it back, but they would have found us if the belt had had our name. Last week he left it at a local ski hill in the washroom. They had left a message before we even got home. It meant a 2 hour return trip but at least we have it. I have an embroidery sewing machine, I would suggest everyone find someone with a similar machine and get the info permanently put on the belt. If you don't know someone, get one of those camp clothing labels and sew that on.

------------------ Cynde