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Husband had reaction to Mexican food

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Hi, I have a 6 year old boy with peanut allergy. My husband has seasonal allergies, dust, chalk, and had some type of dairy allergy as a child. He is 40 now and I have never seen him have a reaction to anything. We love mexican food. We got take out from a local restaurant here in Wisconsin. Everything he had, he has eaten before. Steak Flautas, rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. During and right after eating he said the inside of his cheek was swollen. He showed me and it looked almost like a golf ball was in his cheek. I only had kids Benadryl fastmelts and I gave him 3 and almost immediately the swelling went away. I just remembered that he had a similar reaction once after eating a fresh pineapple. IS that an anaphylactic reaction? My PA son has never had one, only hive reactions so I've never seen one before. Should I call the restaurant and ask them for all the ingredients that they use in that dish? Thanks for the advice. Debi

On Jan 22, 2006

It sounds like the reaction was localized angioedema (swelling). It could be from the food, or something else--medications? It would be a good idea for your husband to ask his doctor.

Good luck figuring this out! I hate mystery reactions.


------------------ Mom to 6 1/2 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Jan 22, 2006

I know this may sound a bit odd but maybe it could be that the food is spicy and your husband might have accidently had a jalepeno pepper seed thus causing the reaction. I know sometimes if I eat spicy food I will get red but I know it's not a food allergy. This is why I always drink water or Pepsi to calm the spiciness. Also a sopapillia with honey as the New Mexicans do is both delicious and it neturalizes the spiciness.

Am I onto something?

On Jan 24, 2006

I have no allergies myself and I also love mexican food. After eating mexican I got hives on the roof of my mouth and the inside of my cheeks swelled a little. Just thought it was spicy and that caused it. Didn't take benadryl and have still continued to eat it without problem. My sister is allergic to green peppers (new allergy) her mouth get sore, makes her feel sick and she throws up. Could you possibly have any allergy to some kind of spice they use or green peppers in the fajitas????