HSA selling peanuts in school.

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Am a little surprised at this, and to be honest wonder how to approach this?

During the evening performance of the school play the home school assiation sold, along with wine , crisps , packets of peanuts. For one thing they used the kitchen serving area and the hall, an area that is kept free of all nuts. Our school asks the parents not to bring peanuts or peanut butter in to school for their children. Also the school meals service, have no nuts or anything with a may contain served in school.

I could just let this pass,..............after all my allergic child has only 9 days at this school left, however I am aware that there are others with nut allergies in school. So , shall I keep my mouth shut and let this pass?

and if I want to stop this selling of peanuts who should I approach first?

sarah..................who is a little miffed at school HSA .

On Jul 10, 2007

Personally, I would start at the principal, (if you think he/she will help). It's their school, and they make the rules.

She/he can enforce rules to everyone.

We're lucky our principal is not afraid of this issue. She stops all food if it's not safe.

On Jul 10, 2007

WOW. I am shocked and yes I would follow through with the incident! Is the home school association like a PTO(parent/teacher group??) If so, I would first contact the principal(because they do over see these orginizations) and then have her/him follow up with the president of the HSA.

If the HSA is it's own deal, then they would need to get permission from the principal(or whoever is in charge of the building they used...is it their own building??) I am unsure of the facts, but it sounds like they try to keep everything nut free...and this one slipped by. I would follow up to make sure everything was cleaned well, and that hopefully it doesn't happen again. They are lucky there were no problems, if my school was nut free, I'd probably let down my guard a little(not saying everyone would, but I would feel safer) so coming across an evening involving nuts would have been a big deal to me. Good luck, let us know what they say, I hope they work on getting it resolved(and not happening again)! HUGS

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On Jul 10, 2007

I'd get on this, so it won't happen next year. If this is a peanut free zone, then this should NOT be allowed and you have reason to say something. I'd contact the principal, and/or school nurse (depending on how your nurse is). good luck!

On Jul 11, 2007

have had a word with deputy of school. After I had found a near empty packet of peanuts in the school hall the next day.

Was near steaming with frustration, school kitchen staff not impressed either, as some kitchen areas where used.

There is another school production tonight, and I am going with my MIL, will hopefully be happy to notice complete lack of peanuts in hall.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ......................................................................................................................had to scream a little, pure frustration you know, esp as there are plenty of allergy aware parents around.