How to spot a food allergy


Hi all. When my daughter eats peanut butter, she gets some red dots around her mouth. She also gets these dots when she drools (she is a toddler) or when her nose is running. Does anyone know how to tell if this is an allergic reaction to peanut butter?

On Jul 8, 2000

We experienced the same thing with my daughter and dairy products. It was just like you described-the red dots. I thought it was just from the drool also. She did end up having allergies. Our dr. said sometimes the drool can be causing the rash just because the face is constantly wet and the skin is irritated or the drool can cause the rash because of the food residue left in their mouth and that irritates the skin. If you are worried about it i would have your child tested.

On Jul 8, 2000

Hi! When I first gave my daughter peanut butter she was about 11 months old (?). She got little red dots/rash around her mouth like you described. Sometimes her eyes would get a little red and itchy. I spoke with a nurse who told me she might be allergic and to stop giving it to her because she might have a severe reaction anytime...I later had her tested and she is a 4+ on a scale of 0-4 with 4 being the worst end! Hope this helps! I think I would steer clear of the peanut butter and mention your concerns to the doctor. tkiaml