How to Have Chocolate w/Peanut and Soy Allergies

Posted on: Thu, 07/01/2004 - 10:58am
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Can I hear from anyone with kids who have both peanut and soy allergies and tell me what chocolate products you give to your kids--am interested in choices for candy, cookies, icecream. Thanks much

Posted on: Thu, 07/01/2004 - 11:11am
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I dont guess I can really help because I dont really give him chocolat. He has had chocolat chips in cookies prior to knowing about his allegies and chocolat rice milk but I really found the chocolat rice milk bothers him (keeps him irritable) I dont know if he is reacting to the chocolat or what but i dont give it to him. sorry.
James 2yrs NKA
Ben 17 months PA,MA,possible EA, and SA

Posted on: Thu, 07/01/2004 - 10:12pm
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The only chocolate items I have felt safe giving my kids are homemade brownies made with unsweetened baking chocolate or Hershey's cocoa, and Enjoylife chocolate chips, Phillyswirl fudge bars, breyer's chocolate, mint choc chip, and cookies and cream ice cream. I have allowed the kids to try these items but they really don't care for chocolate and ds has said before that it makes him sick and hasn't tried any chocolate in a long time. Maybe with both peanut/soy allergies he's sensitive to cocoa beans, he's never had a contact reaction to chocolate so at least dh and I can enjoy the stuff.

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 1:26am
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BostonMary, I felt so terrible last night because when I read your post, all three of us had just eaten "safe" (for PA) chocolate bars late last night. I knew that if I checked the labels in the garbage that I would find soy on them. [img][/img]
I am at a total loss because I'm dealing with PA only and soy, to me, would appear to be everywhere and in everything.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 3:22am
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Sorry, I have yet to find any that are safe. If it has Peanut in doesn't have soy and if it has soy it doesn't have My son also has a cocoa bean allergy so...although he wants it, it makes him sick to his stomach. Sorry I couldn't help.
Renee athma/EA
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Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 3:42am
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I don't react to traces, so I don't worry about cross-contamination. Obviously, if your comfort level is different, you'll be looking harder.
I buy soy-free chocolate when I find it. Sometimes I find out the hard way that it was mislabeled.
I've found soy-free chocolate at Whole Foods (organic, imported swiss chocolate, house label), in chocolate stuff, cocoa (easy), baking chocolate (unsweetened, make my choccie stuff from scratch), michel cluizon chocolate(extremely expensive), and a few different valour bars (oh, so yummy--38% milk chocolate with cocoa nibs).
There is a brand of fair trade chocolate munchies that is soy-free, but the name slips my mind.
I have no idea about the peanut status with any of those.
you can call about Rapunezel dark chocolates. the presence of soy depends upon the individual batch. that's too much trouble for me, so i don't buy it.
i also picked up two swiss chocolate bars (may contain traces) from trader joe's last week. i'll find out rather soon if *they* were mislabeled. [img][/img]
I buy chocolate chips around Passover time. There's always a risk of nut cross contamination with those, though.
My reaction to soy lecithin (and soy-derived vitamin E) is still just in the annoying hives and severe eczema stage. My reaction to soy proteins and soy sauce is anaphylactic.
starbucks occasionally has chocolate bars which don't list soy lecithin on the label, but i *always* react to these bars. i've given up on buying any chocolate there.

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 4:59am
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Anonymous (not verified)

BostonMary, have you contacted Vermont Nut Free?
I am honestly at a loss, for candy, cookies, chocolate or anything else.
When I was a child, in the dinosaur ages, the only *soy* thing we had was soy sauce, which we thought was some kind of exotic sauce because it was for Chinese food.
Now, I truly believe that soy is in everything. It is just so common. I also believe we'll see a rise in food allergies because of it. [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 5:23am
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Our dd has 11 food allergies including pn,tn, and soy. She reacts with asthma and severe ezcema. The only safe sources of chocolate I have found are: The Chocolate Emporium's passover chocolate chips, Miss Roben's pn,tn,soy free chips, and powdered cocoa. I have not found any chocolate bark to make my own creations that doesn't contain soy. I'm not familiar with enjoylife's chips, although my comfort level with that company is very high! If you need any other advice, email me.

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 5:40am
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My son is allergic to peanuts, nuts and soy. He can, however, have soy lecithin (in all the candies) and soybean oil - nothing else soy.
So we don't have a problem with chocolate bars as it's soy lecithin that you find in those.
Has your allergist told you no soybean oil or lecithin? If not, I'd check, as being able to have those has made a difference to my son. No soy protein is a major nuisance, though [img][/img]

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 11:57am
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Thank you all so much for your replies. I should have stated that soy lecithin and soybean oil are fine. Hopefully, that simplifies. How about Oreo cookies--any experience with them? thanks

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 12:46pm
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They give my DS a stomach ache and sometimes has to use the restroom (to put it nicely). Nothing major, but we stopped giving them to him.
Renee athma/EA
Quinton: PA/TNA/Soy/EA/Severe Asthma/whole egg/onion/cocoa bean/chicken/turkey/string beans/potato
Mykiaja: EA/asthma
Taylor: EA/asthma


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