How to handle field trips?


Hi everyone. I am a father. My son is in second grade and has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy. He has a field trip coming up this month and the school will be providing the meals. Since I will not be there what are some steps I can take to make sure he is safe? I have already spoken to the teacher and she seemed very supportive but I want to be 100% sure. I hope I am not sounding overly paranoid but it seems as if sometimes people do not take this so seriously.

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By mom1995 on Feb 6, 2009

Here is what we have in place for our DD. First I have a 504 that states the school can not serve any food with nuts. So there were no pbjs given out in sack lunches for field trips. Second our teachers would send home a reminder to refrain from packing nut items in the sent lunches. Lastly the kids were asked to wash their hands after eating. When they are little this is easy as the teacher just tells them and they go. As they get older its another story. If you have epi-pens be sure the teacher takes one and is trained on how to administer. Hope this helps.

By berniepappas on Feb 6, 2009

Thanks so much for the response. This really helps!

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By jayD on Feb 14, 2009

Hi bernie, my PA son is in third grade and we have had a 504 plan in place since KG that covers most of the above post brought up. in addition to that, I have the right to attend any field trip I choose to with him as a chaperone ( our school often draws names because so many parents want to go along- I don't have to go through that process. ) it turned out there have been many kids in his grade level with PA, so the school often sends a nurse as their chaperone, and she carries everything with them. they eat together just like at school ( however the other students are asked not to bring any peanut products and are made to wash hands after eating just in case.) I have gone on many of his trips, but it is nice they have taken the initiative to make ALL of the PA students safer by sending the nurse along. I feel pretty comfortable sending him on trips without me with that in place, along with the facthe is older and more responsible for himself as well. good luck! Jen