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I am not sure how to view posts by date. When I go to a topic, it brings me all kinds of years and I have to scroll down to find current posts. Any advise. Thanks Adele

On Nov 2, 2004

When I go to a topic the most recent posts are at the top.

When you click on a forum (Introduce yourself and tips on posting) for example - under the blue symbol that says "Post a New Topic" there is a bar with a little blue arrow. Mine is selected to "Show tpics from the last year". You could try changing the setting. If you don't want to change the setting every time, click on "preferences" which is below "Post a New Topic" and above that bar, and make your selection there.

Does any of this make sense?

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On Nov 3, 2004

AnnaMarie I think something was wrong with me as my username states. I was fighting with school. I got it all working now. Still have some kinks to work out but thanks so much. I seem to be getting addicted. Hope all is well with you and yours. Adele

On Nov 3, 2004


Originally posted by alwaysconfused: [b] I seem to be getting addicted.[/b]

Is this comment about my signature line?

You are not yet are anxious (I think). Do I have you confused? It's kind of a game on the board. You can check it out here


and the game is open to EVERYONE. [img][/img]

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On Nov 4, 2004

Well of course I did not realize this was a signature. I just thought, well again, always confused!!!!!! Thanks,