How to deal with Continental

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In a month I will be studying abroad in Mexico, and the airline that I'll be taking is Continental. From what I hear on previous postings, Continental is not the best airline to deal with when it comes to severe peanut allergies. Does anyone have any advice as to how to handle this situation? Thanks, Julie

On Dec 10, 2002

"Not the best" is an understatement. We flew from Los Angeles to Knoxville changing planes in Houston. In Houston, they decided they would not let us fly due to the pa. They would not let us fly to Knoxville. They would not let us return home to Los Angeles. It was a nightmare. This was the decision of some gate agent who clearly didn`t know the law. I asked for a supervisor. By the time she got there the plane was fully boarded and ready to depart. While waiting for the supervisor to show up, I called on my cell phone to my sister who is an attorney. They let us board with literally seconds to spare. If I were you I wouldn`t go. You might get stuck in some strange city at the whim of the gate agent. Sorry, but I have heard others have had the same experience as me with Continental. If my sister hadn`t been an attorney the supervisor and I would have been arguing about it while the plane took off. Maybe get a letter from your doctor saying it is safe to fly?