How old are you?

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 8:21am
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pI want to be very careful here. I think that we all are entitled to our own comfort level regarding PA, so please don't think that I am saying anyone is wrong or right. That said... I am 45. My son is 4 1/2 and we have known about his allergy for 4 years. I find that while I am very cautious, and his allergy is a constant concern for us, I am much less cautious than a lot of posters on this board. I was just wondering if age plays into that. As I age, I become less hyper about a lot of things. Now don't get me wrong, I don't let my guard down when it comes to my son and food, but I sometimes read things here that FOR ME are a little over the top. Like I said before, if it works for you, that is all that matters. Anyway, I was wondering if you could post your age and maybe fess up to your comfort level. Like i said, I am 45 and a label reader, no peanut products in the house, ever. But I allow him to attend a preschool where they serve peanut butter for lunch. And I have no plans on asking them to stop. He sits at the other side of the room and he knows to ask before he eats anything. So that's my level - what's yours./p
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Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 9:38am
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I am 37 and I would say my comfort level is about the same as yours.

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 9:59am
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I am 28 (soon to be 29 in April) and my pa son will be 4 next month. We have been dealing with his pa for almost 3 years. He has had 2 ingestion reactions (the second being anaphylactic) and numerous reactions to peanut residue.
We read labels, allow no peanut products in the house and take epi and benadryl with us everywhere. We go out to eat frequently. I do not go as far as to call manufacturers. I really don't shelter him from doing very much. He is in gymnastics and is involved in several playgroups.
My son was in preschool until we moved last month. The school did not allow any snacks that contained peanuts. I would have a problem with people eating pbj sandwiches around my son because he is extremely sensitive to touch (we don't know about smell yet). I don't think my age has anything to do with how I feel about that. If a preschool refused to not serve peanuts around my son, I would take my son elsewhere. In my son's case, it just wouldn't be worth the risk.
I don't feel my age has anything to do with how I handle my son's allergy. I handle it the way I do because he has a history of anaphylaxis and is so sensitive to trace amounts of peanut residue. If he didn't react to touch, then I would have a great deal less to worry about. Deanna

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 11:42am
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I'm 22. My comfort level is probably about the same as everyone else's so far. We discovered Matt was PA when he was 6mo. He's had only two known reactions (as in we KNOW it was peanuts, and not something else), with the second being anaphylactic. Matt is contact-sensitive, so absolutely no peanut products in the house. We carry 2 Epipens and a bottle of Benadryl anytime we go out. We eat out some, but not a lot. That has nothing to do with PA and everything to do with finances, though. I don't generally call the manufacturer on anything, unless I've noticed some type of reaction. I only do then to see if I can pinpoint what caused it. (Matt has multiple food allergies and we're still in the finding new allergies phase) He doesn't attend preschool because he's only 2 and I'm a SAHM, so no worries there. We never leave him with anybody else, but again, that has nothing to do with PA, and everything to do with not having anyone TO leave the kids with.

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 12:38pm
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creek14, I'm 41 and my PA son is 5. I'm not clear that my age factors into my "comfort zone". I do not allow any peanut or tree nut products into my home. I do not allow any "may contains" or "made in a facility" products. My son has a "peanut free" classroom at school - the children eat in their classrooms. I know, and I think this is where my age would factor in, that I am not calmer as I age and I would be totally terrified if he did not have a "peanut free" classroom. I would actually like a "peanut free" school.
We do not eat out a lot because we live in a very small town where there isn't really anywhere to go. But, we do eat in the one family restaurant, the great little pizzeria and the donut shop. The pizzeria is "safe".
With the family restaurant and the donut shop, cross-contamination issues may be raised, but we have done this for nearly 3 years now without a reaction, so I'm still doing it.
I do have 2 Epi-pens in my purse at all times. Jesse is quite aware of his allergy and knows to ask people about what the food has in it and also knows that he must check with either his parents or his teacher re any food product.
I wish we could almost write up a comfort zone question list to really clarify our comfort zones. For example, I allow Jesse to eat chocolate, as long as it does not have the warning label on it or, of course, contain peanut products.
I'm not clear if my comfort zone is considered lax or not. I do know that is does resemble yours quite a bit, except the school part. Now, it was because our school board ensured a "peanut free" classroom for Jesse that I went for and got one implemented. I am not clear what I would have done if there had been no protection in place. Perhaps I would have learned to be comfortable with him eating near another child eating pb, but you know what, I really don't think so, just for me.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 1:16pm
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I'm 25 and my comfort zone is really cautious and scared still. We've only known for two weeks and I'm not sure if I'll calm down or not - I kinda think I might once I get more of a handle on things. Kim

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 1:35pm
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creek14; this is an interesting question for me because I was recently teling someone how vulnerable I feel since having kids. On the contrary to you, I am not as laxed as before I had kids 14 years ago. I am a more cautious person, I feel more on guard, much less carefree,and definitely a more *hyper* person! Kids drive me crazy sometimes.LOL!
However, I will say that my comfort level in general with raising my children has relaxed in comparison with my 1st and my 4th. So in that time frame I have become more relaxed with each child. Does that make sense to you? My last child is the only PA. If she was my 1st I probably would have been a much more "worrisome parent" and much more cautious. Sometimes I forget her epi and I won't turn around because I know we won't be long or I know she won't have anything to eat. So my comfort level regarding her allergy is probably alot more relaxed than most. I leave her in a pre-school that has PB but it doesn't have it in her class. I leave her with friends who have PB in their homes and trust that they'll know how or when to use the epi. I read labels and have a PN free home. But she has had "may contain foods" on occasion. However, I have taught her the importance of this allergy. Not a day goes by hardly that something isn't said about it actually. She cried today, I mean she was really upset because she realized she lost her medic bracelet. I have a feeling it's in the McDonalds playground that my friend took her to yesterday.
OK to sum it up:I am a more relaxed mother now with my 4th than with the 1st. But I wouldn't say I'm a more relaxed person than when I was younger before I had kids. I'll be 44 in April-my PA daughter will be 5 in Oct. we've been aware of her allergy since she was 2.
And for what it's worth (maybe a new thread? the temperment of your PA child) my dughter's temperment is very easy-going. I guess being #4 she has really learned to go with the flow. It may be her pecking order; it may just be her natural disposition. (Sorry for getting off the topic and for being so long)

Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2001 - 12:34am
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I am 45. Nicholas is 3 and a half. I have known about his allergy since he was in his first year and he reacted to peanuts I ate while nursing.
I'm getting more cautious and scared as I age for one reason--he's out more and around others who feed him.
It occurs to me it's more than our age but the age of our children. Nicholas is too old to be under my thumb all the time and too young to fend for himself. It makes me crazy sometimes!
I think I will lighten up later in life--I hope so. I'm always looking at him now to see if he's had any reaction.

Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2001 - 12:47am
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I am 34 and found out when christopher was 10 months old. He is 14 and I am still in the scarry comfort zone. It does not get easier when they get older like everyone tells us. The best part is the fact that they can talk and read ingredients. However I worry about him now when he is on a bus or in the school. I worry about him if he meets a new friend. I think I will worry forever just because he is mine and I have the right to do so. I worry about all my kids in one way or another. Today I worry because my 9 year old daughter is having problems with a girl in school and I just hope she deals with it in a good way. I worry about my 3 year old when he falls or cries. I worry about weather someone will play a dumb food joke on Christopher. I can not believe i have never had an ulcer. Best wishes with all of us and our zones. claire

Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2001 - 1:15am
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Well, I'm 22 and my comfort zone for myself is much like Creek14, but maybe a little more lax. I think it has to do with the fact that it's me with the allergy and not my dd. I know my own tolerance, and I know immediately if I have even a slight reaction, so it's easier to be less vigilant than if it was Eva.
That said, she has asthma and so do I, but her's is less severe than mine. When she was a baby and had a cold/cough, my mother would be the one telling me to go to a doctor and I'd be the one saying "She's fine, it's just a cold" etc. I'm a very laid back person, so I don't tend to worry about the "what if's". My philosophy is "Why worry today about what may never happen tomorrow!".

Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2001 - 1:35am
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Ok here goes, I'm 30. I turned 30 three days after I had my second child--I was still in the hospital--so I had to eat my cake while in bed. [img][/img]
I think that now I'm pretty relaxed about my son's PA. In the beginning, I was a little nervous and had banned peanut butter with my DH's extended family. They had no problem doing this because one day they did eat p.b. for lunch and "scoured" the place (because we were coming over). They soon realized that after they thought they really cleaned everything that they found p.b. still on the kitchen drawer knobs as well as the kitchen drawers themselves. After that they pretty much stopped eating it.
Now we don't have anything with peanut butter or peanut oil in the house. We don't buy "may contain" products. We are still very careful with what he eats. But we definitely are not stressed over it. We always read labels--even on the foods he eats and I double check on the foods he's just starting to eat. We do eat out at restaurants at least once a week and feel very comfortable about it. I'm a SAHM and right now don't worry too much about his PA--but that all may change when he goes to preschool--we shall see. [img][/img]


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