How many kids have had reactions to contaminated food?


I was just wondering how many kids have actually had reactions to foods that don't contain peanuts but may have been processed in the same factory etc...

I have a friend who's little boy at gum drops and had a terrible reaction. They had small print which read may contain traces of peanuts.

I was just curious how many of those labels are just protective just in case something happened.


On Oct 1, 2002

Hi samirosenjacken, welcome to the boards!

My son reacted mildly to the Sesame Street Vanilla Cookies. This was before I knew anything about his peanut allergy other than, 'don't give him peanuts'. He reacted with eczema on his arms. I then looked at the label and it had a "may contain" statement. I am now an official Label Reader! -who needs glasses [img][/img]

On Oct 1, 2002

I wonder, in hindsight, that we might have had minor reactions to foods that were not labled, but on shared equipment(I avoided known may contains). Ice cream was a big staple in this house beofre finding this website! My dd had scaly cheeks alot and a random hive or two now and again when eating. I would always notice, wash her up and really keep an eye on her, and probably knock the item off our list of products. I just cannot reacall any specifics. OH, I think Haagen Daz chcolate ice ceam gave her a few hives, and I never gave it to her again(Haagen daz or much ice cream). At the time, I did not think of it as "reactions" but just that her skin was sensetive, and with the allergy, it just confused me and made me nervous, so I avoided things based on that. Now I know so much more! becca

On Oct 1, 2002

My PA son did. It was his fourth reaction, resulting in only a few hives from a Duncan Hines cake mix that I had used to make cupcakes. The company maintains that there is no way it could have been cross-contaminated but it was the only thing that it could have possibly have been.

That's the first cross-contamination reaction he's ever had so we were a bit taken aback, and then when you can't get a clear answer it remains kinda a mystery to you. But I know for sure it was the cupcake (he broke out in the hives immediately after eating it, like first bite).

All in all though, I consider us very fortunate as far as cross-contamination. Really.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Oct 1, 2002

DS had a reaction to Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream - not to mention heaven only knows how many of his "mystery" reactions were due to cross-contamination before we knew better.


On Oct 1, 2002

Cindy, we have had a similar episode with oreo cookies. Our one pa daughter has no problem with oreos. Our other one breaks out in hives every time she eats them!! I called nabisco and they took down the bar code and called me back saying there was no way of any cross contamination with the oreos. The regular and choc oreos are not made in the same plant as the peanut ones. I still dont' know why but she breaks out in hives if she eats them!

On Oct 1, 2002

My daughter had a reaction to WholeSoy imitation ice cream which was made on shared equipment with peanuts and not stated. So thanks for reminding me, it is time to bump up that petition! Please sign!

On Oct 1, 2002

Some of you talk about "mystery" hives and thinking this is due to cross contamination...I still am not always convinced on my son. He is 15 months old and allergic to wheat, eggs and milk (that we know). He gets a hive or 2 almost every day. It is sometimes after he eats things that he eats every day and is NOT allegic to and other times who knows, maybe his sister's hands have some kind of residue and he gets an irration from that. The one thing my doctor said is not to assume everything is from food. For instance, my son ate a peach and got 3 hives on his foot at the same time. I FREAKED and though he was allergic to peaches. We gave it a few days later and nothing. He still eats peaches with NO problem. I know it was not cross contaminated with was a washed peach and I am a fanactic b/c my dd has a I am very allergy aware. Who knows what the hives were from...they go away in about 15 minutes...It is baffling and hard to deal with (yes, I am a type "A" person)...but they don't bother him, we don't have to give hopefully he will stop getting the mystery hives or we will figure out what it could be. Hives can be a result of many things....virus, cold weather, pollens, food, detergents, etc. ANyhow, I am not trying to minimize what people think are cross-contamination...but just that a few hives are not always food related....Good Luck.. [img][/img]

On Oct 1, 2002

Jacob experienced a reaction to SwissMiss chocolate pudding which he had previously consumed without any problems. When I washed the pudding off of his face, his skin was puffy and red, at the exact places the pudding was. The pudding was not labeled properly but, when I contacted the company, they informed me that they also make a pb/chocolate pudding on the same equipment.

On Oct 1, 2002


Originally posted by ks65: [b]Some of you talk about "mystery" hives and thinking this is due to cross contamination...I still am not always convinced on my son. [img][/img][/b]

I'm 28 and get the mystery hives constantly and have no active food allergies (all outgrown as a child). I usually get them on my arms from laying my arm on a counter in public or something, usually residue from cleaning products. My sister gets them on her feet if she wears anything other than white cotton socks. So you're right to suspect that often it isn't the food. (except when the hives are in the shape of the food I just wiped off my daughter's face, LOL)

On Oct 1, 2002

Hi Lisa My daughter was eating a cheese sandwich about 6 years ago (now 9 yrs) and she gave me a nibble of the crust. Within seconds I got that familiar "taste" in my mouth. I started to panic because I was in cafe in a big dept store and I had half hour drive home. When I looked at my daughter she had hives around her mouth. We got home okay and the reaction didn't go any further. I would say there was cross contamination when they made up the sandwich. Same knife etc.

On Oct 2, 2002

My pa son has had a reaction from Kellog's cereal and waffles that had no warning on them but were made in the same factory.


On Oct 2, 2002

K65, just for the record, I'm with you on the "mystery hives" thing. My son has had allergic reactions when there was no obvious trigger. I also have had very serious allergic reactions--full body hives, facial/lip swelling-- and I have no food allergies. My son had more of the mystery reactions when he was younger, a toddler, and tends to get them when he has a virus or is feeling under the weather.

About the cross-contam, I believe my son reacted to something in whole grain bread (twice) so I switched him to Wonder bread, which contains no organic matter, hehehe. He has a sesame allergy in addition to PA, so it could have been cross contam from sesame.

On Oct 2, 2002

I wonder about the hives as well, which is why I reported my story as I did. Sometimes they do appear for no real reason or with really familiar foods, but he Haagen Daz experince seemed pretty clear. Right at the corner of her mouth, smeared with the stuff, and she quickly rejected the food, which would not generally happen with ice cream or chocolate flavors!

I too will get a few itchy hives now and again, and mainly, if not only on my face, near my lips and such. Usually cannot figure out why. No known active food allergies, but the more I read and learn, I suspect I do have some sensetivity or allergy to something I eat. I have never been able to pinpoint it, but it has crossed my mind through the years, even before my dd came along. I get a mildly productive cough, sometimes more pronounced than other times after eating. I use to connect it to ice water(if that is not wacky), but have also thought maybe wheat, particulary doughs and breads? Now that dd has allergies, I have wondered if there is any value in having myself tested, just from a family history perspective, or to check if what I have is a higher risk allergy, and I have been lucky to date! becca

On Oct 2, 2002

Tucker has twice reacted (skin reaction only) to "May Contains" when he was accidentally given them.

On Oct 3, 2002

Jason reacted to some weird generic butterscotch candy that he got in a party favor bag at school... he snuck off with it before I had a chance to pull the unsafe stuff. Still don't know what it was cross-contaminated by though.

------------------ Cheryl, mom to Jason (5) and Joey (3)