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How many Epi\'s do you keep at school?

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We usually keep one on the bus and 2 at school, but this year dd will be carrying them on her throughout the day. I was just wondering how many shots other people make available for their kids in these settings. I was thinking that maybe the one on the bus is not necessary if she is carrying her own. Just pondering this so I can get my ducks in a row before school starts. Any advice would be much appreciated!

On Aug 5, 2008

This year my son will be in first grade - his first year in a public school (aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh) ok panic over. He will have one in his class room and one in the nurses office. We think he is still too yound to carry and he won't have a bus situation we will drop off / pick up.

On Aug 5, 2008

My dd self-carries two. Her teacher has one in the room and there is one at the office. I feel comfortable with that.

On Aug 6, 2008

There are 2 epi pens (and Benadryl) in the school clinic, 2 in the classroom and 2 in my daughter's backpack (so she has them with her on the bus). She's going in to 6th grade, but we've done it this way since kindergarten.

On Aug 6, 2008

Thanks everyone for your input. I think I am going to have the 2 at school and have her carry 2 in her backpack and skip the one on the bus. The bus driver will be trained and will know they are in her backpack. It seemed like last year we switched drivers so often they didn't even know where the shot was 1/2 the time anyways. Grrr! Maybe I'll just drive her! That's a whole other topic!

On Aug 7, 2008

Last year we had 2 at the nurses office and that was it. I would like to have the 2 in the nurses office and 2 in my sons backpack, although I do not know how well that would go over at the school since he is just going into 3rd grade.

Our school parking lot does not flow well and they really discourage parents picking and dropping off students. I might push it more, but there is only stop after us and from the time he gets picked up, they are pulling into the school lot 4 minutes later.

On Aug 7, 2008

We JUST went to our first day of second grade today--at a private school we've been with since K5. DD's classroom is upstairs from the office, so I have 'bags' in 2 locations--both are the same and they contain one epipen, 2 doses of benadryl fast liquid, benedryl cream, INSTRUCTIONS, and an albuterol inhaler (she is slightly asthmatic--colds, allergies type things, so far, knock wood).

I am a nervous wreck *but* I trust them as much as I can to take care of my daughter. It helps that I'm only 5 miles away; at least they can 'get me' before it could get out of hand after the initial response (I pray)....

And, I keep 2 epipen jrs in my purse at all times; plus 2 here at the I guess to answer your question ? I get a prescription for 8 at the time, once a year....(2 more are in our 'emergency bag' at home in case of--you know--we need to LEAVE QUICKLY-like weather, chemical (live close to chemical plants), terrorist, whatever!)

Sounds like I'm paranoid but I just want to HAVE them close by at all times! :-)

Take care, Lisa

On Aug 7, 2008

Last year our school nurse told us that in our state as long as the child is capable of giving themselves the shot that our state has a law saying they can carry it on them. This was a real relief bc prior to this it was not an option and it makes me feel much better for her to have them on her when she is not with me. I don't really expect her to inject herself , although I believe she would and could do it if she felt it was needed, but it is nice to know that if she isn't near the office that she has them near her at all times so she can get help right away. We are trying to teach her to have more of a take-charge attitude about her needs when she is not with us and to rely less on us for reading labels and interceding with teachers and other parents. We have found that as she gets older the teachers pay way less attention to our requests and seem to respond more to having the information or concerns come from dd. The whole thing is very frustrating for me bc I often feel like the school could care less about her needs. If they weren't required by law to allow her to have the shots at school they may tell us it is too much of a bother. Grrr...don;t get me started! Anyways, I am rambling. Just wanted to say that they may not be able to stop you if you want him to carry them on him.

On Aug 9, 2008

My son is 7. He is not allowed to carry his own epi. I have 2 in the nurses office. and 2 for the after school program at school. they kep them in a back pack. The nurse's office is right outside the cafe and the gym. the school is not really really big so she is confident that she could make it to him quickly. ( she is young) she said I have ran before with and inhaler.... I can run with an epi. He can't carry his own until middle school.