how many epi-pens should you carry on a plane??


I looked up the search thing and couldnt' find exactly what I was looking for. What I was wondering is how many epi-pens does one carry on an airplane? The flight is anywhere from 3-4 hours before changing planes. I know they can land for emergencys and all but that still takes time. How many would anyone here take with???? Not sure if I will fly, maybe we will do the 3600 mile drive with 4 kids, sounds fun Look forward to all replies. Thank you Cindy.

On May 7, 2004

My 12 year old has flown every year since he was 18 months old. I usually travel with all of the EpiPens I have, which is 6. We keep 2 at school, 2 with him and 2 at home. During the summer when we usually travel we have the use of all 6 of these. One year my son did the caluculation for how many he would need for every 15 min. for a 4 hour flight, and I told him we were not taking 16 EpiPens. I have always been told that the plane could make an emergency landing if necessary. But it is really just whatever your comfort level is. And if you don't eat the airline food, the chances of an anaphylactic reaction are slim.

------------------ Mary Kay

On May 7, 2004

We fly with at least 4 pens - we took 7 on a TransAtlantic flight.

One thing you may want to do is check with your airline. I have been told that some of them carry epinephrine in their on-board medical supplies (though it may depend on the size of the plane and length of the flight).

On May 10, 2004

I always bring at least 3 sometimes four. I also carry an entire bottle of benadryl and a box of fast melt benadryl.