how long should i watch him

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 10:35am
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I havnt been on here in a long time. hadnt seen this new format.
My kids wanted smores so I got a bag of choc bars with a tree nut warning on it. I made the smores and gave them to the kids and my dh come in and says "you trying to kill B". He then explained that some of the candy bars were Mr. Goodbars. I ran and checked and sure enough Ben had taken a bite of one. He was ok but I have him a tsp of Benedryl. I guess I will just keep a good eye on him. How long should I watch him for a reaction?
I feel like an idiot. I am usually really good about all this.

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 11:03am
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ok, i just accidently gave my son a bite of a mr. goodbar. he seems ok and I have him a tsp of benedryl and so far nothing. although he has been clearing his throat a few times. I am freaking out. how long should i watch him.

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 11:07am
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If you son has a known peanut allergy, give him the epi-pen and call 911. Clearing his throat is a sign of a possible reaction. Please take care.

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 11:39am
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Checking in to see how you are doing.
If you want to call the number can be found on the "Contact Us" page.
Saw your original thread in the Living with (forum), those posts have now been merged with this thread.

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 11:48am
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My son didn't react to pb for 2 hours. I think a reaction can happen up to 4 hours. I would watch him for the next four hours. My new allergist said the more severe reactions happen right away. How is he?

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 12:38pm
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My son has never had a reaction other than his first exposure, but if it were me, I would watch him all night. If it were daytime and he were awake it would be different, but since this happened in the evening, I would put him to bed on the couch and sit up with a book or TV just to make sure. Better to be overly cautious. Also wouldn't hesitate to call his allergist, let the service page him, and ask him if you should give the Epi. Hope all is well!

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 12:48pm
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lalow please know that you and your son are in our thoughts. Please don't hesitate to use epi and call 911.

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 1:52pm
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thanks everybody. he ate the bite at about 8:30. I gave him benedryl immediately. he was complaining of his throat iching and cleared his throat several times by 9 pm. i started to put him to bed in our bed and then started to freak out and put him in the car and took him to the er. he was ok when we got there... i made him stay awake and talk to me and he wasnt clearing his throat anymore but i took him in anyway and the checked him out and observed him for a couple hours. they also gave him a steriod which suposedly will help him not to have a later reaction. he is up in my bed now, fast asleep. the drs were very nice and i think understood why i wanted to bring him in. if it had been daytime it might have been different. the dr. said something like, "maybe he has outgrown it". wouldnt that be great but im not counting on it. His last reaction was at 15 months. That was his last known exposure too.

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 2:10pm
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So how often were you told to check on him throughout the night? Many tell us that they were told to watch for at least 4 hours.
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Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 2:19pm
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he didnt give me a length of time.. just said keep an eye on him and get him back if anything comes up. When they sent me home it had been almost 3 hours since he ate the candy. With no other symptoms. I am planning on staying up for atleast another hour, which will be 4 1/2 hrs from the time he ate it. And then check on him several times through out the night.

Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2007 - 4:16pm
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re: "I am planning on staying up for atleast another hour, which will be 4 1/2 hrs from the time he ate it. And then check on him several times through out the night."
That sounds like what I would do too. I got in the habit of always checking on our daughter before I went to bed even when she had not eaten anything of concern.


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