How long do peanut residues remain in a child\'s mouth (thumb-sucker issue)?


Recently I've become friendly with someone, and her child sucks his thumb. She's told me he eats a lot of PB. This morning, I cringed as I watched this child suck his thumb and then touch things. The mom is extremely considerate, and I think she would be OK with my requesting that he not eat PB for a time period before seeing us. What time period should I even ask for? Normally I don't ask people to make any accommodations when we're getting together outside my home, but thumb sucking seems like a major cross-contamination risk.

On Feb 15, 2006

What time of day do they come to visit? If it is just after breakfast I would request NO PB on those days for Breakfast and brush teeth before coming no matter what. If it was an afternoon visit the same for lunch. I am not sure how to suggest bringing up the conversation. You could talk about the kissing risk for teens and adults and then realize that the same risk applies to thumb sucking and cross contamination.

------------------ Karalot

On Feb 15, 2006

When the Canadian teen died from the fatal kiss, he had eaten the peanut butter 9 hours before they kissed. It was still in his saliva after 9 hours.