how long can asthma reaction last?


Found out 2yr old ds has PA last week. Thought he had reaction last night...had sudden bad congestion which had him crying. He had eaten a white chocolate flavored yogurt 30 minutes earlier. We gave Benadryl and late last night he started coughing. By late this morning he had asthma which previously has only occured following a cold or eating peanut butter. Could this be part of a reaction or is it unlikely? Thanks!

On May 26, 2003

Part of the reaction. You need to call your doctor.

On May 26, 2003

Could be part of a reaction, could also be from crying. Many asthmatic kids react from vigorous laughing or crying.


On Jun 22, 2003

When my 3 year old PA son has had reactions, it triggers his asthma or sometimes croup that night. His asthma stays flared up for almost a week. If it's particulary bad, they put him on prednisone for a few days. A cold will trigger his asthma as well. We're seeing a pulmonologist this week since he's on high-powered asthma preventatives and he still flares up.

On Sep 18, 2003

I'm an adult so I don't know how much it's worth but if I have a breathing & pulse reaction it takes days to completely pass. At the moment I still have traces now from something i ate Monday night (it's noon on Thurs), but it's much less than at it's peak and the doctors have no explanation. Diff ppl have diff systems I guess.