How do you really know when to use EpiPen if child becomes touch/smell sensitive and

Posted on: Sun, 02/11/2001 - 12:59pm
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pMy husband and I went out for Valentines dinner/ dance and special Mass for married couples and neighbor watched our boys. Our 10 yr old son came back from neighbor's not feeling well, throat bothering him and wheezing. He said he'd already used his inhaler and that trouble breathing started after he was chased/kissed by 4 yr old neighbor girl. (He is not known to be touch or smell sensitive and I have no idea if the little girl ate any of his seven life-threatening food allergies. He took his safe food and beverage there. They have a dog (he been fine around before though he tested allergic to dogs.) His peek flow was about half what it usually is -I gave another dose of albuteral. He also stayed up late so that we felt no other symptoms would occur. He slept fine through the night however woke up with sore throat and started wheezing again albuteral used again. His asthma is usually not like this; it is usually repetitive coughing and very mild wheezing. It hasn't been much of a problem for the past two /
He has very severe eczema which we are finally treating with Protopic- been using this for one week with wonderful improvement in his skin, however, some of the side effects can be sore throat, runny nose. He didn't have any more problems today and peak flow improved but still a little down from normal so I've started him on asthma preventive medicine again. I guess this is a very simple question and I've felt comfortable thinking I would know exactly when to use EpiPen but I've read on posts here that some do not have hives or swelling etc. How do you know when to give EpiPen if child becomes touch/smell sensitive ? When is asthmas just asthma to environmental allergies etc?br /
Any thoughts are appreciated. i've been going by the two 2hour rule ie: if he hasn't eaten for two hours or if it's only been safe food i've prepared and his asthma acts up treat it just as asthma. /p

Posted on: Sun, 02/11/2001 - 1:28pm
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Last year my 10 year old had a reaction that sounds like yours. It was asthma, but different, and the inhalers and nebulizer weren't working so we went to the e.r. He ended up just getting the nebulizer in the e.r.(no epi) and a diagnosis of tonsillitis and asthma, then we hung out for observation. The next night (24 hrs later) he went into huge hives like I had never seen before. The hives lasted over a week. The allergist then said it all was a big and slow allergic reaction and yes we probably needed the epi-pen and it might have moved things along. He laughed at the diagnosis of tonsillitis. (Thats so comforting when the doctors make fun of the e.r. staff) He said not to hesitate and that the epi-pen used to be the first med. to give for an asthma attack. Soo... Next time I will epi-pen an "asthma attack" that is not responding to rescue inhalers.

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