How do you handle Halloween with PA kids?

Posted on: Tue, 07/29/2008 - 2:06am
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I just started thinking this morning how we will do Halloween this year. My oldest will be 5 and he is non-pa and had gone T or T'ing every year. Last year my pa son wasn't even a year old and while he came along in costume in the stroller he didn't actually get any candy. At that time we weren't as "aware" of things as we are now.

Obviously most of the candy they would get I wouldn't actually allow into the house and this year technically my pa DS would be big enough to do some T or T'ing of his own. I'm thinking let them do the T or T'ing but not touch any of the candy then take the bags when we get home and put them in the garage and sort out what is safe and what isn't? Maybe have some safe candies hidden somewhere and kind of exchange them out when we get home? We aren't big into candy around here so most of it goes with my husband to his work anyways. How do you all handle Halloween with PA kids? Do you let them go T or T'ing still?

Posted on: Tue, 07/29/2008 - 3:07am
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While we were trick or treating last year I held on to the girls bags while they were not going up to a door. Then when I stopped to talk to a friend another neighbor walked up and handed them each a pack of Reeces Cups with out telling me. I noticed they had them when they were nawing (sp?) on the wrappers. All the blood rushed from my head and I thought I would faint (K has had an annaphalactic reaction to trace amounts) I went home cleaned them up and watched her for a few hours, Thank Goodness she was fine. On a possitive note I also had another neighbor who has a grandson with PA who made up special treat bags just for my kids, which really touched me.
We will go trick or treating, and if my girls are still into Stickers as much as they are right now, I will have them trade me their bag of candy for stickers...or maybe a little toy set?

Posted on: Tue, 07/29/2008 - 4:48am
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I am planning on letting my PA/TNA son who is 5 go trick or treating this year. I walk with him, and will just tell him not to eat anything before we get home. I will be there to be sure he doesn't eat anything as well. When we get home, we'll go through everything and I will let him keep the safe stuff. I'm hoping this is a good way to do, it sounds like it will work fine. I don't want to deprive him of a very fun holiday for kids just because of his PA/TNA.

Posted on: Tue, 07/29/2008 - 9:31am
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This is what we do... First off we have GREAT neighbors who are aware of his allergy. He usually gets a special treat from them. It warms my heart to think that they go out of the way to get his something he can eat! I usually go to the door with him and say He has a peanut allergy so if there are peanuts in any of the candy he can't have it. we say thank you and not take it. I buy candy or treats a head of time that he likes that are safe and we trade anything that says " may contain" and for every house we refuse the candy he gets to replace it with safe as well. That being said. we do not go to tons of houses.. maybe 20.

Posted on: Tue, 07/29/2008 - 10:38am
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My PA son is 9 (and has a class 6 allergy), and my 7 year old daughter has no allergies. We go T or T'ing, and let them collect all the candy they want. If there is an assortment they can pick from, they always pick the safe candy. There is NO eating of any candy while we are outside the house- this is strict rule that everyone must follow. Last year another family came with us and I told them up front if they want to come with us they had to follow the rule as well, which they were fine with.
When we get home, everything gets dumped out and inspected. Until last year, we had traded their unsafe candy for safe candy that I had purchased, and put the unsafe stuff in the basket for the kids who were still coming to the door. (The older kids coming at the end of the night were thrilled when we not only had lots of candy left, but I was making them take 2-3 handfulls to get rid of it!) Last year my husband said he would buy the unsafe candy, so they traded some and others they got five cents per package of candy. Of course, my DS tried to turn into five cents for each piece, so that a M&M package would be worth more! I liked this idea because they didn't have as much candy sitting around afterwards.

Posted on: Tue, 07/29/2008 - 12:51pm
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Hi, A great start to a safe Halloween is the thinking & planning ahead. Last year we went out with my niece & nephews(brother &wife)& my sister & nephew. They wanted to go out with us. They agreed to follow the rules which were nobody would eat any pa products while the T or T'ing or after(because they were at my Sisters who is my child's partime caretaker & PA-free house). I collected my guy's candy with him and if the house only had PA stuff I gave him a candy treat I brought or he had my niece & nephew take them. My son loved just going. We went to my sister's house to T or T & the whole street was aware of the pa thing and prepared for it. I sent 4 packages to my sister's godmothers house and they got a big treat. But the neighbors were sweet they gave tooties pruducts and stickers they were so cool. Hopefully this year will go as smooth.And I know my brother liked it because his kids did not eat as much and did not beg to eat more. They were happy just to T or T. My niece and nephew no longer eat milk so not sure if they will do the whole T or T'ing. But I was sure about ONE thing I did not want one PA product to go in my son's bags because It did not belong mixed in with the PA free stuff. He knew this up front & went -We did not have one problem. But he was not yet 3. I hope this year will be as much fun. WE only let him eat the candy from the neighbors that we could read the bags after that street was done I gave him a new bag. If the Candy bags to read were not there he put it in the new bag & he never eat them- after about a week he forget all about it. My husband thought I was crazy but i wanted him to have a safe bag to eat. ( I was still nervous the whole time)This year I am not sure what we will do but we will try to let him be a kid-best of luck Deb
DS 3 1/2 PA only

Posted on: Wed, 07/30/2008 - 2:28am
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i think these are all great ideas. my pa son is now 7 and the last few years have been fine. if he goes to the door and the only option is peanut candy, he says he can't have it and or "no thank you". i expect him to be polite, because, after all, [i]we[/i] are out asking for candy.
i make sure he doesn't make a big deal out of it to the peanut houses, because it's not their responsibility to have peanut-free options.
we swap out the candy at home and if something peanut made his way into the bag, i make sure it was still sealed. and, i'm pretty serious about hand-washing when we get home.
last year, we gave out his unsafe candy to older kids that trick-or-treated later. my son delighted in giving out the treats.
i like the idea of "buying" the unsafe options.

Posted on: Wed, 07/30/2008 - 12:18pm
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I let my dd go trick or traeting door to door. She is not allowed to eat or even touch anything that goes in her bag. We then go home and give out everything in her bag and she gets the peanut free ones that I have bought at the store!

Posted on: Fri, 08/01/2008 - 5:45am
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Thanks for all the great suggestions! It makes me feel much more comfortable about going TorT'ing.

Posted on: Sun, 08/24/2008 - 1:08am
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I always let my kids go T-or-T'ing but they wind up throwing away most of the candy (or giving it to their friends).
My kids are not contact-allergic, so that was never a problem. But if your kid is contact-allergic, you could solve that problem by having them wear gloves as part of their costume (just a suggestion).
Each year I've bought a great selection of chocolates in advance from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. When my kids came home from T -or-T'ing, they would sort through their candy, keep stuff that they CAN eat (usually just the sugar candies like Jolly Ranchers or Starburst, etc) and then they dig in to their Vermont chocolates! It costs me a small fortune but it is worth it to see them happy and enjoying the fun like all the other kids!
BTW, now that my daughters are older and more "figure conscious," they actually requested that I buy only a small amount of chocolate for them for Halloween or Valentines Day! Vermont Nut Free makes some really good chocolate truffles, so instead of buying a boatload of other stuff, I just get them each a small box of premium truffles.

Posted on: Sun, 08/24/2008 - 2:23am
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My kids trade up their entire bags of collected candy for "safe" treat bags which include toys, coloring books, etc. -- then we take the Halloween booty and trade it for a dollar per pound to the local dentist. I also recall an organization that collects Halloween extras to send to our troops overseas. The process of amassing the candy then serves another purpose, such as collection for charity.


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