How do you feel about starting kindergarten?


Next week DD starts kindergarten. She has never been away from me or DH. Peanut allergy has taken a lot away from us, especially spontaneity and freedom, but I refuse to let it take away the excitement and fun of starting school! DD is as excited as the next kid and can't wait for the first day! I hope all of your kindergarteners (and all of the kids) have a great, fun and safe year.

On Aug 26, 2002

Tom seems to be looking foward to starting school, but has'nt talked about it too much. With Tom we have learned that if we talk about a new experience too much, too soon it seems to create some anxiety for him.

Two peices of good new's : 1. We have a decent 504 plan in place for Tom. 2. His kindergarten teacher seems to be very warm and caring, and is willing to do whatever she can to help keep Tom safe.

Bad new's is I'm not that crazy about the Principal's attitude. See my thread about "indifferent Principal" if you want to hear more about it.

We have our next 504 meeting this week. I hope some of my fear's will be calmed. Don't mean to be a downer, but the whole 504 thing has been a bit of a fight!

I also feel wistful about my young son going from being a preschooler to a kid in full time kindergarten. The loss of innocence if you know what I mean. Kids seem to be forced to grow up faster and faster nowadays. I feel that he has already been forced to grow up sooner than other kids because of his life-threatening allergies. A good friend of mine told me to enjoy these innocent, simple day's as long as I can.

This has been the best summer weve had as a family ever. I've enjoyed the upps and the downs!

I'm holding on and savoring every last single day that I can spend with my son.

So it is with excitement as well as somes butterflies in my stomach that I see him off to a new world, a new chapter in his life.

Congratulations to your daughter as she enters this new chapter in her life.

Best Wishes TLSMOM