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Posted on: Sat, 08/07/2004 - 8:50am
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The only question I would find offensive is #2a. I don't understand why they would feel the need to ask that. In my situation, yes, my dd goes with me to the store, park, etc. with me. But it would be just her and I, and of course, I can keep a close eye on her because I don't have 20 some other children to look after. I can remind her not to touch the cart or table and to keep her hands away from her face. Really, IMO a field trip with mom and dad cannot remotely be compared to a class field trip, if indeed that is why they are asking that particular question.

Posted on: Sat, 08/07/2004 - 10:01am
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Could they have been talking to a lawyer, by any chance? Also, it seems like your child's medical records should be private.
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