How do you express your gratitude to the school?

Posted on: Sat, 10/12/2002 - 11:10am
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I have posted a few times about how pleased we are with the way our son's school - the entire staff! - is handling our son's PA.

Whenever I'm at school, at least one person asks me how things are going, and I explain how thrilled we are and how well the school is handling everything. So, pretty frequently, I'm saying "Thank You" to SOMEone.

I'm wondering if I should do something for the school staff (small school, really) in appreciation, or if a "thank you" note would suffice.

What do you all do?

Posted on: Sat, 10/12/2002 - 11:47am
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Good topic.
I was just thinking of the wonderful Daycare Teacher "Jen" that walks my daughter to and from School each week. This year my daughter is in Senior Kindergarten and starts her day out in the playground with the rest of the students, so the Daycare Teacher walks her to the school yard each morning.
As I was bragging about the Daycare Teacher to a Teacher at the School they told me that Jen waits and watches my daughter every morning to make sure she is in the playground even when a teacher has waved to her to okay my daughter's entery into the school yard. If my daughter stops to talk to a student and hasn't passed the gate Jen will wait and watch until my daughter is in the playground area.
I feel sooooooooooooooo comfortable sending my children to the Daycare. They have been excellent with my DD's peanut allergy. The Daycare is a peanut free Daycare but had never had a child with PA until my daughter started there.
Even though the WHOLE Daycare is wonderful, I am thinking of doing something special for Jen. I had thought of a gift certificate for dinner. This would give her and her husband a nice night out.

Posted on: Sun, 10/13/2002 - 4:17am
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From my experience, school staff love food [img][/img] Parents have brought in cookies, muffins, whatever at the schools I've been in and the staff loved it.
Some nice things for individual teachers are gift certificates. You can get them for restaurants, movie theatres, video stores, Starbucks, etc. I tole paint, and have made handpainted plant pots for my son's teachers. Roses made with hershey's kisses are fun too. (I'm not sure if they are PA safe) In fact, if you are crafty, you could make a rose for each staff member at that small school. I'll post back with directions if you are interested.
Teachers have plenty of pins, mugs, and chocolate. :P One year for christmas I got SEVEN boxes of chocolate! It was nice,!

Posted on: Sun, 10/13/2002 - 4:59am
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Lam, I'm of the old school that gives gifts and Christmas cards, etc. even when other people aren't doing it anymore. For example, my children give their classmates Christmas (or seasonal, i.e., not specifically Christmas) cards and they might get one other child in their class that does the same. I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to explain that I do come from an old school of thought especially when it comes to letter writing, card giving, etc.
I think you've received some excellent ideas already.
What I've always made sure I've done with both teachers (Jesse and Ember's) is give them a Christmas gift (non-traditional) and end-of-year gift along with a card thanking Jesse's teacher for the extra effort she (multiple now) has put into looking after Jesse for the year.
His JK/SK teacher, I purchased absolutely beautiful rose bushes for because I had seen it in a parenting magazine, I believe, or a woman's magazine, as an "alternative" gift. This way, she would be able to remember Jesse forever. The reason it was good for this teacher, in particular, was because she had just had a new home built and was currently landscaping it.
So far, I haven't been able to afford to purchase gifts for the other support staff that do deal with Jesse and/or I on a regular basis. This would be the principal and definitely the school secretary. Oh, and Ember's E.A. (the class E.A.) also got a Christmas gift last year. But I feel they should be recognized and at the very best I make sure I send them a *proper* thank-you card.
The area that I really feel I need to thank people re Jesse's PA is his fellow classmates and their parents. We have always sent a thank-you note home at the end of the year with the students. We even sent one home last year, Ember's first year of school, to her classmates.
Also, last year we were very fortunate in that we could afford to actually send a regular size box of Smarties home with the children in both Jesse and Ember's classes (promoting Nestle, as many parents here had done the year before) and again, thanking them. We also purchased enough for various staff members, even the custodian who kept a special eye on Jess all year and told DH he would.
At no time ever have I ever thought I was thanking them too much. I am quite aware of the extent to which these wonderful people go to ensure Jesse's safety at school. I only wish that in the case of the principal or school secretary I could do more, but so far I haven't been able to.
I really liked the idea you got above about the gift certificate.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 10/13/2002 - 5:47am
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Thanks, guys!! I love the ideas you've shared so far!!
My original thought was to treat the whole faculty and staff to a breakfast buffet, or a lunch buffet one day when school is dismissed early for meetings.
DH thought that would be a "major suck up." I guess he doesn't see how absolutely wonderful everyone has been. Maybe he thinks they are just doing their job - with the 504 and all - but I really think they are being sincerely compassionate and caring. I think they deserve a special thanks for that.
Thanks a lot, Everybody, for the great suggestions so far!! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 10/14/2002 - 2:42pm
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A buffet idea is wonderful! I've been at schools where parents have done that before. And really, it is really nice to know that parents appreciate the hard work you do. It is a lot of work though for one person...unless it's a really small school. I'm sure that they would appreciate the small just as much as the big things.
By the way, my hubby has made the "suck up" comment as well. (when I get teacher gifts) I don't think it's sucking up, you are letting people know how much you appreciate the extra effort that they are putting into your child. After all, they are our most precious possessions, aren't they? [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 10/14/2002 - 9:33pm
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Wonderful thread.
I plan on doing something for the staff at the end of the year...not sure what yet...and...maybe a little something during the holidays.
But, what I have tried to do is return the favor to them. They were there for Lauren so I am trying to be there for them. For example, I have joined the PTA and have plan on helping with the less popular fund raisers. I found a website for discount craft supplies and have ordered some for the classroom.

Posted on: Tue, 10/15/2002 - 2:19am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Lam, I'd never be able to do that major suck-up buffet 'cus it's just kinda not me (or I'd be in a bloody tizzy or something), but I think it's an absolutely excellent idea. As others have posted, teachers and other staff, like all human beings, do love their food and what better way to do it? I think that idea is fabulous.
Something my best friend, a PA Mom does. She buys a t-shirt at the end of the year and has each child in the class do their hand in paint on the shirt for the teacher. She also makes tv dinner size dinners for the teachers to take home and eat that night. Of course, this woman is truly amazing so..... I hope she doesn't mind me sharing that bit of info with you.
No, I like the suck up buffet (and toss what the DH says about sucking up anyway [img][/img] )
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sat, 10/19/2002 - 9:27am
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Thanks, Everybody!
I'm leaning toward the buffet idea for the end of the year, and individual gifts for his teachers for the holidays.
Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

Posted on: Fri, 11/08/2002 - 1:31am
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My daughter's preschool has been SO amazing in their handeling of her PA that I decided to give them the catalog of everything offered by FAAN. I thold the director that as a 'Thank You" to the school, I would buy them whatever items/teaching aids videos etc. that they would like. I hope that my gift will help keep my daughter safe and help fututre students stay safe. I like to keep gifts related to the action that I'm thankful for (if that makes sense) Diane

Posted on: Fri, 11/08/2002 - 2:05am
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Two years ago I threw a classroom party at the end of the year (first grade) to celebrate how wonderful the kids were in respecting the peanut/nut free class room. We talked about being Good Friends to each other. Before the party I took a class photo and gave each kid a copy in an inexpensive foam frame, which the kids then went around and had each other autograph on the back. We had a "safe" treat and it was a great success.
Our local newspaper also has a "Citizen of the Week" column and I am thinking about submitting this years teacher(3rd grade) as a candidate for that, since she too has been teriffic.


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