how do you carry your medication?


How do you carry a bottle of antihistimine and an epi-pen? So far it's been in my purse... or my husband's pocket. The E-belt, etc., doesn't look like it will accommodate the bottle of antihistimine.

My PA son can't take Benadryl, so the Benadryl tablets aren't an option.

On Feb 1, 2003

Our two girls, 6 & 4, are both multiply allergic. We have a backpack with snacks, benedryl, inhaler and 2 epis we park by the door, and I have 2 epis and an inhaler in my purse. The backpack isn't really burdensome at all, and comes in very handy lots of times.

On Feb 1, 2003

Generally, a purse back pack, which also doubles as a diaper?pullup bag, and light snack carrier, LOL! However, as our need for having a pullup immediately handy diminishes, and much more jumping in and out of the car over and over in a day occurs, I found I left the pack in the car overnight on two occasions and possibly froze the pens(argh!).

So, I just ordered a epi carrier off the FAAN website. Man those things are expensive, but it is a low profile to wear and really good for the jumping in and out of the car on cold days thing. I can just have it on me and it stays warm by my body, and I do not have to carry it and all the other boots and stuff for school, which also makes me put down the bag, etc... Aslo nicer for my dh to wear versus carrying the backpack purse(which he does rather than switch our only two pens at home around. Best to kep them in one place!

I am going to try for a refill on the pens so we have an extra pair in the carrier at all times and the pack, for a total of 4 at home, allowing ofr a "hand off pair" thet goes to a playdate or such, leaving a set always at home. A set is also always at school. becca

On Feb 2, 2003


Do you keep pairs of epi-pens because you have needed two in the past, or in case of misfire?


On Feb 2, 2003

My son carries two epipens, benadryl tablets and his puffer in a FAAN belt thing carrier.

I carry two epipens, benadryl tablets and a puffer in my purse in a bright red pencil case I found at Staples.

If one epi pen is good then two are better. One of my epi pens is usually expired but I keep it just because.

I KNOW my son is 18 but we are frequently together and I am in the habit. I imagine that when he goes off to college I'll still carry the epipens for awhile.


On Feb 2, 2003

I carry 2 for several reasons. I have never used one, only a trainer, and there is a very real possibility I could(or anyone could do it wrong). It could misfire, it might be defective, I might not get to the help or recieve the EMS help I need in the 15 minute time frame. They are sold in pairs(the epipen Jr. prescription I have), for all of these reasons. I just figure it doesn't hurt to do so, and actully came to this practise after reading and learning here.

My school requested 2 for these reasons. That is why I always have 2. becca

On Feb 2, 2003

Does anyone know if the Benadryl tablets work as fast as the liquid? We carry around a full bottle of the liquid, but it's cumbersome.

On Feb 2, 2003

Kathy, we just gave our son benadryl tablets last night because he was having hives, watery eyes and a runny nose. They seemed to work in a few minutes. He was reacting to an old wool blazer they have in their dressup trunk, and had really nice hives at his collar and wrists. Sorry if that is not technical enough for you, we really need a pharmacist on this board.

Our son carries the tablets in his epi-belt and they are so much easier to carry, that we never even bother with the liquid. Our son also can open the benadryl tablets and take one himself, so that makes it a lot easier and quicker for him. I personally think if you factor in measuring the liquid the difference in acting time is negligible (IMHO).

------------------ Cynde

On Feb 3, 2003

We use a soft lunchbox that holds snacks, bendryl and epipen. This works well because we live in the South and can add an ice pack in the side pocket summer when we swim.

On Feb 3, 2003

We carry two epi-pen jr's and liquid Benadryl in DD's diaper bag which goes everywhere with us. We also keep one in the house just in case we forget the diaper bag in the car.

On Feb 3, 2003

My dd carries her epi pen, benadryl tablets, medical info and puffers if need be in a fanny pack that she wears around her waist at all times including during school.

On Feb 3, 2003

We just our system set-up (at least until she goes off to school in a few years). I took the advice of someone on these boards and found a hard eyeglass case for $5 at Wal-mart that holds 2 epipens. Then I found a soft eyeglass case (also $5 at Wal-mart) taht holds the first eyeglass case and has just enough room for a medicine dropper and sample bottle (5 Doses) of liquid benadryl (which I got from her Pediatrician). It is unisex so both me and husband can carry it, has a hook on it to attach to a belt loop, and we attached a string to slip it over out door handle. Also, regarding the question of 2 epipens. Even if the first one works and the ambulance arrives within 15 minutes, you may need 2. In my town, we have a partially volunteer service and they only have 2 actual paramedics who can give epinephrin in the ambulance. If there is already one ambulance out on a call, there may be nobody in the ambulance to administer epi. (According to my friend who is an intermediante EMT on the squad here.)