How Do I Help?


Chris, I'm new to PA. I have a 13 month old son with PA (he was diagnosed at 9 months). I am a former special education teacher that is now a stay at home mommy.

I would like to help, but I'm not sure how to get started...I'm just learning how to use this message board.

Please contact me and let me know how I can help.

Sincerely, Ginger

On Jun 4, 2001

Ginger, Chris may not read this post himself as he doesn't go into everyone. If you want to present your idea to him, you should e-mail him at [email][/email]

It's totally understandable that you wouldn't know this if you're new to the board.

And by the way, welcome!

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jun 4, 2001

Cindy, Thanks for the information. I will e-mail Chris myself. But if anyone else has ideas please post also.

Thanks, Ginger

On Jun 5, 2001

Ginger, there are SO many ways in which you can help that I can't even think of them right now. But what I'm wondering, right now, for you, is how can you be helped first? Are there any experiences you want to share, difficulties you're having dealing with PA, etc.?

Actually by posting your individual story, if you will, and any hurdles you're having difficulties getting over, you are helping. You may be being helped, but also, in turn helping others.

As far as ways to help that don't directly involve your PA son, you have to decide what is important for you. Do you want to enter the Take Action part of the board and find out what food manufacturer we are currently addressing? Do you travel by air whereby you may feel strongly about peanuts on airplanes? I understand your son is very young, so the School part you can probably wait a couple of years on.

Are you having difficulty trying to decipher food labels or finding "safe" food for your son? What are your concerns during each stage of this journey?

Again, truly, by posting what you need help with first, you WILL help others. Then, you can decide what other areas you would like to tackle whereby you're discussing PA but not your son.

I think that was clear, but as the hour is late, I'm not sure. If I just posted in babble speak, please let me know.

Also, it was excellent that you asked for other people's ideas too. I was mistaken when I read your initial post because you had addressed it to Chris, I thought it was Chris specific, not for the general board. Great clarification that will hopefully get some people to post their ideas for you.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jun 6, 2001

Thank you for posting this information!

Hopefully this will help us find more people willing to help.

If you want to offer your services or find out more about what needs to be done. Call, write, fax or send an e-mail (which is best) with your skills, the amount of time you think you can give per day, week or month and what your interested in working on (if you have a passion for a certain issue).

Our Contact Info [url=""][/url] ------------------

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On Jun 6, 2001

Learning how to use this message board is important also so keep on posting and if you make any mistakes you need help with let me know (we can edit etc. with a little work, don't worry about minor mistakes but if you feel you made a huge mistake which should be looked into just let me know)


On Jun 6, 2001

Just checking, noticed my signature was not being added at the bottom of my posts. This is a test and I wanted to put my e-mail address on this thread again for those who want to e-mail me.

I will type it first in case the signature file doesn't work again.



On Jun 6, 2001

Okay, my signature file is not working, something else we need to address with our discussion boards (just what we needed, more work, LOL).

For those of you who I have not contacted regarding your helping with a donation to help us upgrade please send a donation ASAP!

We need to constantly upgrade the board software, upgrade the server the software is on and fund the work to make the changes.

We work hard to find those dealing with peanut allergy and as we find more and more of us, we increase the demand on the server so we need to constantly upgrade. Finding and organizing the peanut allergy community is one of our goals so these boards are an important part of our communications.

I hope you feel the same way and make this effort to help with your financial support of this resource.

We can't do it without you. We rely on you for funding. Help us with this effort and feel the rewards of helping others as well as the benefits you receive personally from this site.

Here is the address to mail your donation

Glad your with us!

Stay Safe,

Chris PeanutAllergy.Com

On Jun 17, 2001

Thanks for the information. I'm sorry I'm just now reading the new post from Chris. I have been out of pocket for a while. I've also been thinking about what my needs are. Right now I'm just working on educating my family and friends. Old habits are hard to break, so I try to be understanding when my grandmother puts nuts in the brownies. As soon as I say "Casey can't eat those" they immediatly reply.."I'm sorry Ginger, I'll remember next time." I think it's good that we found out when he is so young, because this gives everyone time to learn how to prepare food and read labels. I'm staying at home with him so I'm not dealing with daycare right now. So far everyone is trying. I feel he is safe because I'm there supervising what anyone puts in his mouth.

One concern that I have had after reading these boards is about the baseball parks. We have a minor league team less than 30 miles from us and my husband loves to go to the games. Recently we were invited to sit in the box seats. Casey didn't go because it was a late game. I was glad I didn't take him because peanuts and popcorn was left all over the room for the guests to eat. Shells were in the floor and I'm sure residue was everywhere. Now I'm afraid to take him to a game. He is just learning to walk so I know he would be all over the place even if we sat in the stands. I'm thinking I would like to help. We were sitting in the local TV station's box and I feel someone from the station would listen to me if I explained the problem. Since I have this connection I feel I might could help awareness and maybe set up a few peanut free seats for next year. What do you think? Ginger