How do I find a head nurse of a county? - Peanut Allergy Information

How do I find a head nurse of a county?

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We are moving to a new area/school district right before school begins and I don't have a lot of time before my PA son enters kindergarten at the new school. I figure I will take care of any additional ways to protect him after he is in school but obviously want to get the most basic procedures in place as soon as I can. I have contacted the school and have spoken to the principal and nurse on the phone about my son's allergies. I have also left a message with the 504 coordinator. The nurse told me their school implements allergy safely procedures without the 504 and that I really didn't need it. She also said in case of emergency she would be the one called to administer an epi and that the epi pens are kept in her office not in class rooms. I said that is was very concerning for me to hear they don't keep epi pens in the classroom and then she said that if it made me more comfortable we could keep an additional epi in his classroom. Even though she said I didn't need a 504 I am pretty certain I still want one for him and I am concerned I am going get push back from the school. The nurse also said they don't do hand washing after lunch. I know this is hard to implement. I also have thought that even if his class washes after lunch, what about all the other classes in the school that don't and then go out to the playground?? I know I must teach my son to never put his fingers in his mouth/around his mouth and I will work on that. Maybe the hand washing is too much to ask...i am wanting to locate the head nurse for the county because i read on this site that the school is more likely to accommodate if a head county nurse gets involved. Can anybody let me know if they have done this or how I can locate this person? I have tried looking online but don't think I am looking correctly. Thanks so much!