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Posted on: Mon, 01/01/2001 - 9:06am
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Cindy, it was definitely a compliment! Communication is so important on all levels.
I also talk to my children like mini-adults and sometimes forget just how small they actually are. (I still have to remind myself that my kids are 6 & 10 and not 16 and 20). [b]*Sigh*[/b] But then again, my daughter at age 10 is almost my height (5'4) and she is in a size 7 women's shoe. [b]*Double Sigh*[/b] But the bright side is just one more shoe size for my daughter and we get to double up on shoes!! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]
Stay Safe.
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Posted on: Mon, 01/01/2001 - 9:08am
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Cindy - When I read your story about your son Jesse, and checking him at night, I can't tell you the number of times I've done that too. Perhaps all parents do it some time, but I think parents of allergy kids do it all that much more.
Just last night my family was invited next door for a New Years/Skating party (we live on a lake). The invitation was actually a "spur of the moment thing" and we thought we would just skate for a while and then head off to bed since the kids were tired. After skating a while everyone started to go inside and we were invited as well. My daughter begged to go, so we did.
Although there were nuts everywhere, usually David is real good about understanding that he can't eat anything, but there were some brownies he wanted in the worst way. I said no to the brownies as well since there was no ingredient list I could check and they were around so many other nut containing food. The hostess was so accomodating, trying to offer him other things he could eat.
Close to midnight he started to get cranky and rub his left eye. I got concerned because there were so many things around - I should have gone home with him when we first got there, but a part of me didn't want to spoil his fun....he has been around other nut foods before without a problem.
Last night, when he finally got to bed, I must have checked on him 5 times. I looked for the slightest swelling, the faintest hint of a hive but he slept peacefully all night. I thought I was the only "paranoid parent" (I don't mean that in a bad way), but it's nice to know that others do that as well.

Posted on: Mon, 01/01/2001 - 2:04pm
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davidsmom, I think all of us probably check on our children in the night more than parents of non-allergic, non-asthmatic children. Now, as I said, I usually don't do this with Jesse. It's just the way he was behaving after having eaten something "new".
And you, you're checking David after you experienced something "different".
I think, in our day-to-day lives that we all probably have pretty well controlled (or so we think), we aren't in there checking our children any more than other parents are.
Again, I find the asthma more difficult to deal with most of the time, and especially now, during what I consider "asthma season" (the number of colds my children get and this is one of their triggers) because I find it harder to pinpoint.
And then, we're just simple parents. Do you sleep with your ear half open all night anyway? I'm wondering at what age that stops or does it ever? I know that I do. Somehow I don't think my husband does!
No, again, the other night was unusual for me for checking Jess re PA, but not for asthma.
And it made me realize that I may not be as aware of what his next reaction will be like as I would like to be. Anyone seeing me, bending over him with my head on his chest to hear his heartbeat, when he looked perfectly fine and was obviously in a deep sleep, would have thought I was a bloody idiot! (except, thankfully, another PA parent!).
Happy New Year and best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Mon, 01/01/2001 - 10:35pm
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Hi Cindy,
Just so you know ... I wasn't thinking that you look in at your child (watching for signs of an allergic reaction) every single night ... and hopefully you didn't get that I do either! I got a little off track from the topic I guess ... I should have mentioned that I have had "those nights" for things like asthma and other food items ... not PA. I have probably only spent two or three nights total with the PA watch. I just wanted to let you know that I knew how you felt ... been there before. (smile)
Have a good day!
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Posted on: Tue, 01/02/2001 - 10:51am
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Cindy - The same goes for me. I had to smile too when I read yours and Adamsmom's stories as well, since I do the same thing occasionally. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
How do you put those smiling faces on your posts anyway?
I, too, listen with one ear open all night. And not just for David....I have an older daughter too. I'm sure that I will miss their late night calls when they are grown up and gone.

Posted on: Thu, 01/11/2001 - 9:43pm
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Well yesterday I was kicked back two steps and am feeling very shakey.
We had a few meetings outside of the hospital and on the way back, my colleague and I decided we would stop for a bit to eat ......this would be such a luxury as we never get time to do more than grab a bag of pretzels and eat at our desks ......
After making sure that everything was peanut free and making sure that they understood about cross contamination, I ordered and had lunch ....this was a "safe place" as I had eaten there several times since diagnosis.
After getting back to the hospital and going up to a meeting, I started to feel a "funny" feeling in my mouth and tongue (about 1/2 hour after eating) .....my lips and mouth felt itchy and my throat felt as if it was gluing shut......I got up to get a drink of water, and once I was outside the room, I became disoriented (my flight or flight starting).....scared I opened the door to the meeting room and one look at me got everybody into action ....i croaked out (having difficulty talking at this point) "i'm having a reaction! help!" ...I was tossed into a wheelchair and brought down to emergency (3 floors down at the other end of the hospital) .....
I was not at epi level yet and knew that benedryl IV was what I needed....they started the IV benedryl and the solucortef, O2 and monitoring.....my oxygen sats would drop each time I lay on my side.....
Once things were under control, the doctor said "I don't think it's an allery because you didn't have a rash" .....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRr and he was doing so well until that point!!!!
I am highly allergic and anaphylactic to about 4 things and have NEVER had a rash.....my skin tests have shown extreme allergies to each of the things I have reacted to and I HAVE NEVER HAD A RASH!!!!!
I explained this to him but it was only after he read my chart, that he came in an apologised and said "you know I always thought that you had to have a rash with an allergic reaction" .
Well I still don't know what I ate that would have caused the allergy .....I will have to call the restaurant to see what they may have used that caused the reaction but I feel as if the chair was kicked out from under me .....maybe I was becoming too comfortable too quickly ...*shrug* I don't know........I'm feeling back to square one with this!!!!
I did learn two things today .....one is that there is a danger that a doctor may not take you too seriously if you "don't have symptoms that he/she expects ie the rash" and two that even working in a hospital, my epipen does no good if it's in my desk drawer.....working in a hospital does not ensure that I will have epi without a loss of time until the code team gets there or until I am wisked down to emergency ......if I had needed a shot, I would have lost very precious time.....
Okay make that three things.....I also learned how much some of my colleages care about me ...that is a nice feeling .....
Gawd I feel so shakey and frightened today!!

Posted on: Thu, 01/11/2001 - 11:48pm
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Sharon - I feel so badly for you. You did all you could to ask the restaurant about ingredients, and you still reacted. Don't blame yourself! I would say your comfort level is perfect the way it is - you DID check, you ARE careful and you DON'T take risks.
We're all here for you - you have taught us some valuable reminders about EpiPen location and educating Doctors (who supposedly know everything...). When you feel up to it, maybe you could cut and paste your story to the "Reactions/Stories" section, so more people can benefit from what you learned, unfortunately, the hard way. I'm pulling for you, and I hope there's a vaccine for this $%&@# allergy soon. Carolyn

Posted on: Fri, 01/12/2001 - 1:07am
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SharonA - that's a *real* bummer. I feel sooo sorry for you, especially as you checked carefully. I'm 150% paranoid and my EpiPen is with me 100@ of the time (except in the shower! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] ). I ordered an EpiBelt from [url="http://www.zoniinc.com"]www.zoniinc.com[/url] , which,I've just been told, has arrived today @ home, so carrying it will be made easier, I hope. Will say more when I've tried it out.
Hope UR feeling back to normal a.s.a.p.
Regards & best wishes...
Nick (PA sufferer)

Posted on: Fri, 01/12/2001 - 3:08am
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Anonymous (not verified)

SharonA., wow. First of all I was confused when your UserName came up differently in my e-mail notification. I am SO sorry for you.
I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said by both Cayley's Mom and Nick. You did NOT do anything wrong. I wonder if we can sue a restaurant if they mis-inform us? That's a side thought. It just popped into my brain. You definitely didn't do anything wrong, you took all of the precautions you did.
I thought you had done wonderfully getting your life back to "normal" as quickly as possible after your diagnosis and I really don't want you questioning that. You have done everything to ensure your safety, which is all of our goal, and you did get your life back to "normal" really quickly, which is actually a positive thing. I don't want you thinking that it is not positive because you've had a reaction so soon after your first.
Also, Nick's suggestion about the Epi-belt is really great. I also think it's wonderful he provided the link for you (and others). You need to have your Epi-pen on your person, whether you're capable of using it or not.
Do you have a MedicAlert bracelet? I'm fairly sure that you do?
At any rate, you don't need my grilling at this time. I just don't want you to start beating yourself up about this because, I'll say it again, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! You asked specific questions, you were what I consider extremely careful and something still happen. You cannot blame the victim.
I'm actually surprised that you were even able to post so quickly. I know Cayley's Mom had suggested cutting and pasting your post.
I don't know how to do that. Do you? The other suggestion I would have, is to come back in under Reactions and using the orange arrow, simply put a thread starter post directing them to your post under How Did PA Affect Your Day To-day. That's what I often do, especially if I have a post that should go under a couple or more different discussion boards at the same time. I'm sure the cut and paste is really easy (Cayley's Mom, could you tell ME how to do it, please?)
but it's just another suggestion.
And, my soul, don't worry about informing us unless you feel up to it. I know how badly you felt after your first reaction.
Best wishes and much caring, SharonA. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
and some *hugs*.
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Posted on: Fri, 01/12/2001 - 4:32am
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Cindy - There are different ways to cut and paste, but I will describe the one I use:
Position the mouse just to the left of the first letter in the first line you want to copy.
Click the left mouse button, hold it down and "scroll" or drag the mouse down the page, until the entire section you want to copy is highlighted.
Release the mouse button.
Press Ctrl C to copy.
If you want to start a new thread to copy the info into, just go to the new section and select "post new topic".
Once the cursor is flashing to the left of the empty box, and you are ready to type new text (as you would type in your new post), simply press Ctrl V to "paste" the info into the box.
Hope this helps! There are ways to do it with your "edit" button, and also with the right-click button on your mouse, but this is just the way I do it!
Sharon - once again - take care. Carolyn


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