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Hello everyone. I am new here, I do not have a PA, but I have a PA question.

We are having houseguests for one week. One of the children, who is 12, has a PA.

One of my children, who is preschool-age, eats pb&j sandwiches at least once a day, if not twice. I try to keep it reasonably neat, not for allergy reasons, but just for mess reasons, and we wash hands afterwards, but I don't take any special precautions. I'm sure there is trace amount of pb all over my house and definitely my kitchen.

Is it safe for these guests to stay with us? I would be devastated if the child had a reaction at my home. What can I do to make it safe? Is it possible to clean enough? I'm not sure if I can take the pb sandwiches away for an entire week. He's already skinny and it makes up such a big part of his diet.

Thanks for any advice and help.

On Jul 23, 2008

I would not serve your child PB sandwiches with that other child in the house. I would wash all your cutting boards and knives in the dishwasher before they come. I would not serve jelly from an open jar to your guest due to cross-contamination possibilities.

Maybe you could buy your son a jar of Sunbutter and give him that instead of PB? I give it to neighbor's kids when they are here and they hardly notice the difference. You can get it at Target in the PB section for about $2.99/jar.

I would wipe down your kitchen tables and chairs with hot soapy water and use a "new" kitchen sponge or dishcloth while your guest is there.

I think you can have a safe visit. We visit relatives frequently and never have had a problem.

Ask his parents what you can do to make their visit more relaxing. I'm sure they would appreciate it.


On Jul 23, 2008

Totally agree with everything lj said. My oldest DS was eating PB&J's EVERY day too before we found out about his little brother's allergy. We tried a couple different brands of soybutter and he never cared for them and quit eating his daily sandwhich. Then we found Sunbutter and he is back on his daily Sunbutter and jelly sandwhich.

I bet if you didn't even tell your son it wasn't PB he probably wouldn't even notice!

As someone with a pna child who just had to spend two weeks at a friends house while moving, I can't tell you how much it means for the hostess to care and make changes to accomidate a pna. I'm so thankful to my friend and her kids for everything they did. BTW, her kids are EXTREMELY picky eaters and now they like Sunbutter so much they don't even eat regular PB anymore!

On Jul 23, 2008

I agree with the previous posts!

I just stayed with a friend for a week in Canada. Her family eat PBJ a lot too. She washed down the counter and the tables.. plain soap and water with a new rag. There is also soy nut butter.. but I prefer the sun butter.

I would put the dishes inthe dishwasher before they come as well.

Try some new things with company there.. maybe english muffin Pizza's those are always a hit with kids.. or crackers and cheese for lunch I was so touched that my friend took some extra time to make my visit safe that I cried. I am sure it would mean alot.

Ask your company what they would like.. as about there comfort zone. Since the PA child is older it is easier to handle because they don't hands in thier mouth and stuff..

good luck! Therese

On Jul 24, 2008

Thanks all!

I will try the Sunbutter. Question for you, what is that made of? Sunflower seeds? Are PA people not allergic to sunflower seeds?

On Jul 24, 2008

Good ideas on new food ideas. Hey, maybe this will be the week we break him of his peanut butter sandwich habit. A good thing.

On Jul 24, 2008

yes, Sunbutter is from sunflower seeds.

we have given it to several of our guests and some have switched just because they like the flavor. :)

i haven't come across too many people that are allergic to both. one of our boys is pa and my youngest is allergic to sunflower seed. go figure.

Sunbutter (the brand) is made in a dedicated peanut-free facility, therefore making it safe for pa individuals.

On Jul 24, 2008

So, should I run the Sunbutter by the mom before I give it to my son?

If anyone has any special cleaning tips, that would be great.

I usually clean the kitchen with a general all-purpose spray like Method. Is that enough?

For dishes, should I buy disposables or if I wash everything in the dishwasher, is that enough?

This is overwhelming.

On Jul 24, 2008

I would tell the mom what you are doing and ask her what else you should do to make it safe for her child. I am sure that she will be thrilled at your effort.

BTW when my sister's kids are over they eat Sunbutter sandwiches and they only eat PB&J for lunch at home, everyday. They do not even know the difference.

On Jul 24, 2008

I think if you run it through the dishwasher it should be fine. We've never had a problem with that when travelling.

If it makes you or the mom more comfortable, paper plates are always an option.

It will be fine.


On Jul 25, 2008

Thanks everyone. I checked with the mom and her child is not allergic to Sunbutter. Now I just hope my kid eats it. Already such a skinny one!

I think I will buy disposable plates and such anyway just to have for convenience.

Thanks SO much for all of your help.

Just planning for this feels so overwhelming. It's always stressful getting ready for guests, but this takes it to a whole new level. I can only imagine how stressful it must be at times living with this allergy or having a loved one that has this allergy.

Thanks again.

On Jul 26, 2008

not sure if you tried the sunbutter yet, but if i can give advice...

our oldest is not allergic to any foods. he is our extremely skinny, extremely picky one. he ate pb&j for lunch [i]every[/i] day. then we found out that our second's allergy to peanut was skyrocketing. just having the peanut butter in the house was too much. anyway...

i just tell you that to say that our oldest switched to Sunbutter without incident. we tried several alternatives and they didn't work. in the end, i gave sunbutter without a lot of fanfare, just a "here's your lunch" attitude. honestly, he doesn't know the difference. and you might be surprised how compassionate kids can be about doing something for the health of another.

thank you for your kindness and respect of the other child's allergy. although peanuts seems so small and harmless, this is a life threatening deal for them and it is very compassionate of you to be concerned.