Hostess cupcakes: would you?

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I wanted to get my 3yr old a shelf-stable cupcake to have at school for party time (severe peanut allergy)

I called Hostess on this one box of their cupcakes, and was told that facility contained no peanuts and coconut as the only tree nut present.

My question is, should i let her have it? she's never had coconut and I know its technically a tree nut. So far the only tree nut she's been tested for is walnut which was negative. What would you do? absolutely no becuase of the tree nut warning or what?

Obviously since I'm having second thoughts I probably won't give it to her... just wanted to see what others would do. As i eat the cupcake! :) thx

By snugglecat on May 31, 2011

I actually have some walmart brank cupcakes now (like the ones you are talking about). They don't bother me like peanuts. There is soy listed on the ingredients so be careful with that if she also has that allergy. Maybe try one at home where you can supervise in case a reaction happens.