Hospitals and Vending Machines?


Yesterday I had to take my daughter to the Emergency dept>(nothing PA related) as we were leaving I passed by the vending machine located in the waiting room. Well what do you think I saw, yes, bags of peanuts in the vendor. Of all places I would think that a hospital should know better on how to stock thier vending machines! My daughter is smell & touch sensitive I'd hate to see wht may have happened had she of sat in a chair that a previous person with one of these nut bags had sat in! I'm thinking about contacting the hospital(in writing , as I'm not so good on the phone) What do you think about this?

On Nov 14, 2000

I think they are clueless as I think most people/places are about PA!! Dr.s and hospitals are no different. The most careless person I know in regards to their childs PA is a Dr.!! I also think they aren't going to care, its $$$ and the vending machine is owned and operated by an outside source who will say its not practical,too difficult, whatever. I DO think you should write a letter, in writing is usually better than phone anyway. I hope I'm wrong about their response, let us know.Thx.

On Nov 14, 2000

Sad to say Fed Up!, but I also don't believe you'll get anywhere. I would, however, follow-up regardless simply pointing out alternatives that they could be selling. I know that your daughter was there for a totally different reason and it is still a concern for her regardless of what reason she is at the hospital, but what if she had been at the hospital due to a peanut reaction?

The last time Jesse had to stay in the hospital was previous to his two anaphylactic reactions, so I think my feelings towards hospitals and the foods that they choose to sell in their vending machines and cafeterias will have changed should we ever have to be in again.

I'd write the letter and please let us know how they respond. Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Nov 15, 2000

Fed Up, I encountered the same problem here in Ottawa at our Children's hospital ER. I had my son in for Asthma related problems and while we were waiting in the waiting room, I noticed that they had sighn posted something to the effect..."we have children in this facility with life threatening allergies to peanuts and nuts, please refrain from eating".... I thought this was great, then I noticed there was a vending machine in the hallway and BINGO!, they sold Oh Henry and Snicker's bars among others! I was astounded. I held Wade on my lap till he was seen.

We had another problem when he was in hospital with a virus last year, we were seen by a dietician because my son was anemic and some of her suggestions for iron fortified foods were completely inappropriate for Wade. I was quite upset at the time because she was well aware of Wade's allergy and was so uninformed. It scared me to think of what kind of advice she might give to a parent who was "new" to this allergy!

I think your suggestion about contacting the hospital is a good one. After all, they don't allow smoking in hospitals anymore, you'd think they would attempt to protect PA children from immediate harm by banning peanuts from their ER.

Good luck!

Katiee (Wade's mom)