Hospitality/Restaurant Management degree progs. @ major universities?

Posted on: Sat, 04/07/2001 - 10:59am
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pI know that we have been focusing on major corporations and their labeling practices. I think that it is something really positive that this site is undertaking. /p
pI was wondering about the possibility of expanding this to target universities that have restaurant management programs. We can encourage that they incorporate into their curriculum information about food allergies, safe practices to prevent cross contamination in food preparation, and probably a lot more./p
pIn So. Calif. the Cal Polytechnic Univ. Pomona has one of the top ten schools in the country for hospitality management. Their graduates go on to to manage restaurant facilities for major chains, in country clubs, bed and breakfasts, theme parks, etc. /p
pWhat do you think about this idea?/p
pAlso, what about restaurant inspections programs run by local state governments. I wonder if they have cross contamination issues that they check for like shared utensils. (I doubt it)/p
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Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 12:46am
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Cindia - this is an excellent idea! Giving training at the outset, instead of giving it after a cook/chef has become "set in his/her ways" is perfect. I wonder if schools with restaurant programs already have some sort of allergy-awareness training in place? If so, it would be relatively recent, considering restaurants seem to be THE place for reactions to take place.
I wonder if we could get some input from "Woozer Mom" on this. She is an adult with PA who also managed her own restaurant for a number of years. If anyone if well-versed in ideas for training chefs about food allergies, it's her. She could tell us the feasibility of this course of action, and how difficult it would be to set up a completely allergy-aware kitchen.
I'll see if she has an email posted and ask her to give us some ideas. Once again, excellent idea, Cindia! I'd certainly be willing to help research this course of action - anyone else?

Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 1:29am
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I am not sure if you are including the cooking schools/culinary institutes in this idea but if not, they also would be a good source to educate. I wonder if FAN does any of this already or if they have some ready made packets that we could obtain.

Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 5:09am
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I was asked to comment on the possibilities of asking restaurant management programs to include allergy awareness and allergy education in their curriculum. I think it is a great idea. I would definitely include all the culinary schools, also. You will also find many community college schools which teach restaurant and hospitality courses.
I would definitely go for the broadest category available -- restaurant and hospitality -- in order to reach the most people. I think that it is only by awareness that people will ever change their ways and help us deal with this allergy.
That being said, I would not go for health departments. I couldn't even get a copy of the current regulations from ours, and they don't even make employees here have TB tests or tests for other contagious diseases before being hired. In most cases, the health department inspectors with which I dealt had no clue about what really went on in cooking and prep areas. (There's a long story in there somewhere, but no time to tell it.) I will tell you that our place was extremely hygienic, the inspectors often came to eat in our facility. I suppose it is worth a try to work on the cross-contamination issue with them, but your effort might be expended with better results in other areas.
I am not in a position to head up any action at this point in my life, but I might suggest that someone could take this on, and possibly apply for a corporate grant in order to finance correspondence and printing of materials. Grant applications are not too difficult to write, and you can probably get a volunteer to write one for you. Many corporations are willing to give out the one time magic number of $5000 if you give them a good reason, as well as informing them exactly what your plans are, how you will use the money, and how you will evaluate you success.
Doing this project would be a major undertaking.
I also strongly suggest that you contact someone in the National Restaurant Association about the feasibility of working with them on the project. This is the umbrella organization for the whole country and it is highly respected. I am sure that your local library would have their current address. You might also obtain it from a member restaurant or corporation. The organization promotes high standards for its members. They are also on the cutting edge of knowledge for whatever is occuring in the industry. Since I have been out of the loop for about 13 years, I don't know if they have materials you might find useful.
If you could get their backing via their magazine and publications, as well as their contact with schools, it would be most useful. Their membership also includes the corporate offices of most major food chains, and this is another avenue to explore for communication.
Through the efforts of many, the Heimlich maneuver has become widely known thorughout the food service and hospitality industries, and most employees have been given some ridumentary knowledge of it. Posters are often displayed in prep areas.
Possibly, you could promote this issue enough to make nut allergy awareness second nature, too.
Be sure to include the hotel and lodging industries. Bed and Breakfast establishments are great for having nuts around, but forbid dogs and smoking.
I hope I have been of some help. I will check in occasionally to see what is happening.

Posted on: Thu, 08/16/2001 - 12:08am
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Hi Everyone,
These are all great ideas. Did you know that FAI, Food Allergy Initiative is working on these very issues? They have the money to do it too. I am working on school issues with them. Perhaps you should contact Amie Rappaport there at [email][/email]
Web Site is:
Stay Safe,
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