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Honey Nut cheerios

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This may sound crazy, but do any of you let kids with PA (NOT TN) have Honey Nut Cheerios? There is no reference to peanut anywhere on the label - the "nut" is almond flavoring.

On Jan 26, 2008

i remember talking to my family doctor and her telling me that he son was allergic to peanuts. he got hives while doing a project using peanut butter. well she never got him tested. she has a very lose comfort zone. she let him eat m&ms and honey nut cheerios.

On Jan 27, 2008

When I had my son retested last year (diagnosed at 18 months he is now 9), based on his scores we learned two things: one, he would likely never outgrow his PA (less than 2% chance) and two, he was not allergic to any of the foods he was tested for including tree several tree nuts: almond, cashew, pecan.

The allergist said he could try tree nuts and suggested he could try HoneyNut Cheerios. The nut in HoneyNut Cheerios is almond. She did advise, however, that if we were going to allow him to try it, to proceed with caution at home with a small amount and an epipen close at hand. He did try it and hated it so that was the end of my willingness to try. Also, at least here in Canada, almost every package of tree nuts has a may contain traces of peanut...

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On Jan 28, 2008

my neighbors friend eats tree nuts and she can only have the kind you crack open because the kinds in jars and cans are all contaminated with peanut.