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Does anyone homeschool their PA child? I am very much considering homeschooling my son and am looking for any advice. If anyone homeschools and lives in Florida (I live in Pensacola, FL) I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

On Apr 9, 2006

I homeschooled last year, but not by choice. We were battling with our school district and were forced to homeschool until we were sure the school was safe.

Our daughter thrived academically, but was absolutely miserable socially. Every day she would ask when she could go to school. She went to preschool for three years and loved it.

If your child is not a social butterfly and can handle the situation, it might be a good alternative. I would just suggest involving your child in as many social activities, field trips and outings as possible. I know this helped our daughter and me feel less isolated. We also joined homeschooling groups and are still in contact with some of those people today. We homeschool through the virtual academy and it was great - they provide all the materials, have an incredibly rich and academically advanced curriculum with plenty of support from teachers, staff and administrators. There are chat groups, field trips and much more. It's definitely worth looking into if your are going that route.

I hope whatever you decide, you enjoy the experience.

Stay safe

On Apr 9, 2006

Here's another alternative. Cyberschooling! If you are already considering HSing but would rather be part of a larger "community" we've so far been very impressed with Connections Academy. They do group field trips but it evidently isn't mandatory to go on any particular field trip...

(The curriculum is from the Calvert School, which is academically superb.) Plus because it is a public charter school, its your tax dollar hard at work! In other words, it is "free." Other than the fact that you almost have to have one SAH parent.

If you are new to Homeschooling, this has another big advantage of giving you a teacher to fall back on for professional guidance when you need it. It [i]is[/i] highly structured, however, so if you are an unschooling type, this may feel confining. But you do get to decide whether you want to do short lessons each day or "block" scheduling, and give lots of options to tailor things to different preferences. They also seem to be pretty sensitive to different learning styles.


DOH! Just realized that this is what the above post was also talking about!!

Wanted to also add that we did independent eclectic HS for three years (give or take) and it is not that hard either, as long as you have a child whose learning style you can figure out how to accommodate. My daughter is strongly VERBAL so this wasn't a problem. Did I mention that she talks a lot? No-- I mean [i]a lot[/i]... LOL! We virtually LIVED at the library, and she read for hours each day. Kind of a modified Charlotte Mason approach with extra math instruction. Not a bad education, really. She just wanted to experience "school," and this turned out to be our only real option. (She's class 6, w/Hx of ana and demonstrably aerosol sensitive.)

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On Apr 13, 2006

We homeschool and we're in Florida!

I looked into homeschooling when I was staring preschool in the face. Couldn't imagine sending DD to the wolves without an Epi (or even WITH an epi!). Haha! But, even though PA brought us to homeschooling, DH and I know that if PA were to vanish tomorrow, we'd continue homeschooling.

Florida is one of those "tweener" states. They don't give us free reign, but the requirements are pretty easy to deal with. Have you checked out [url=""][/url] ? The convention is coming up at the end of May in Orlando. Might be a good time to check it out. There is always a workshop on New to Homeschooling and another one about the Law.

If you want more info, just let me know. [img][/img]


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On Apr 13, 2006


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On Apr 14, 2006

We are also in FL and decided to homeschool for Kindergarten this coming fall... I am going to check this site and cyberschools. Any other tips for beginners? Thanks, Luisa

On Apr 14, 2006

here are a few good websites for resources -- beware! you can overload on info! [img][/img] a great pre-school and kindergarten curriculum (free!)can be found at we have started using it and love it. to continue after that we are following the classical education method used in the book "the well trained mind" by susan wise bauer.

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On Aug 4, 2007

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