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Just curious...

Have any of you considered homeschooling your children--at least until your children are old enough to better take control over their allergies?

Patricia (homeschooling mom of 3)

On Mar 19, 2001

I seriously considered it. I changed my mind when my attempts to get in touch in the local homeshooling groups weere rejected because my relgious practises are not the same as the majority of homeschooling parents in my town. They were not even willing to pass on advise on "schooling" because of these differences.

I was pretty disappointed by this response (or lack of it) and since I value inclusion of everyone(regardless or race, religion, health etc), I decided homeshooling was not a culture I wanted to become involved with-at least while we live here, I would like to think that things are different elsewhere.

On Mar 19, 2001

Gee...I know exactly where you're coming from. At the homeschooling boards I've visited, this secular vs. non-secular theme comes up often.

I don't personally belong to a homeschool support group yet myself. The way I see it, I teach my kids and then they go out and play with neighborhood kids or with kids at the playground just like they would if they were enrolled in school. The only difference is that mine attend school elsewhere.

I have a hard time finding like-minded friends as it is. Still, hsing has worked well for us, especially considering my dd's allergies. Yes, I don't think I fit in with a lot of hsing families, but there are a lot of others out there that feel the same way too. Many will tell you that there are as many types of homeschoolers and homeschooling methods as there are homeschoolers. Ain't that the truth!

It's unfortunate that you couldn't find a more supportive group. I get most of my support online.


On Mar 19, 2001

I homeschool my five year old and will be my two 1/2 year old. My reasons of homeschooling has changed drastically in the last five years. It started because we could not afford private school at the time (my hubby and I had awful experiences in public schools), then it changed to allergies, and now it is because of how advanced he is.

I am very sorry that the two of you had difficulties finding support with local homeschooling groups. Luckily I have two very close friends whom I receive support from but alot of my support comes from the web also!!!

Patricia, how old are your children that you are homeschooling? What curriculum or materials are you using? What state do you live in and what are the laws in your state?

Hopefully others will soon join in this discussion as I know they are out there!!!

On Mar 19, 2001

Hello Naomi,

I live in NJ where the HS laws are very flexible. My daughter is just completing kindergarten at home. We've used Five in a Row Unit Studies, Phonics Pathways (and a variety of scattered workbooks as well as Ruth Beechick's The Three R's), Saxon Math K (which I will soon be supplementing with Singapore Math and am already supplementing with games and manipulatives) and I also teach her Catechism. We'll be doing some literature-based unit studies this summer and plan to do some fun science lessons/experiments as well. Right now we read through her Big Back Yard magazines and play, play, play.

My second child is two and I was amazed at how much she's already learned just from walking in and out of the room (or sitting with us to take part). She learns through osmosis! Her favorite manipulatives are the geoboard and the unifix cubes. She surprised me the other day when she identified all of the shapes she made with her geobands and when I found that she put together an AB color pattern with the cubes!

My third child is only 10 months old but he takes part too. I usually carry him around in a sling or sit him on my lap during lessons. He likes to grab at everything and I expect that his early exposure to home education will make the transition for him to start schooling very easy.

For next year, I plan to loosely follow the suggestions for a Classical Education as outlined in the Well Trained Mind/Wise-Bauer. I say "loosely" because I always like to toss things in here and there for variety and/or flexibility.

That's about it! On another thread on homeschoolin on this board, I list my favorite homeschooling books. It's the last post so you'd have to scroll all the way down--if you're interested.

Take care Naomi! Isn't it wonderful to be able to have our children home with us--especially with their peanut allergies? I couldn't imagine how much stress I'd have in my life if I wasn't able to do this.