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I am trying to get permission to home school my daughter for CCD. (Catholic Christian Doctrine) Last year I sat in the classroom with her for each class. I would like to work now (Actullay, I can't afford not to)and can no longer do this. I spoke with the office and said was told that the priest does not allow this and was given acceptable reasons for homeschooling (cancer). I asked to speak directly to the priest. He is on vacation so I will have to wait. In the meantime, I am preparing a letter, information etc. for him. Anyone have any suggestions of what I can say? Also, is there anyone who can direct me to scientific studies or mainstream-media news stories about food allergic individuals becoming anaphylactic by ways other than eating?

Jessica does not have airborne allergies and doesn't seem to react through touch only (thought I have never tested this theory) But she would definitely react if she were to touch something or put her hands in her mouth or rub her eyes. I am also interested in scientific studies or news stories (from mainstream media) about delayed reactions. Basically, I want to show that (a)it is not necessary for food to be served for her to have a reaction and (b)she needs to have someone nearby with an epipen. (I have several articles about people dying because they don't have an epi-pen nearby, unfortunately.)

On Jul 22, 2008

Our parish allows us to homeshool CCD for any or no reason. They offer either classes or homeschool. Homeschool parents meet a couple times during the school year and are invited to attend all of the activites with the classroom kids. I have done both (not with ds with PA as he is not old enough for formal instruction). I found the homeschooling to be very rewarding and learned alot along side my son. As far as convincing your priest, I would ask him first before getting to upset about what "others" say are his rules. As parents you are first and formost responsible for you childrens' faith education. You have to do what is best and safest for your child. I think that your priest will be more reasonable that the office people might lead you to think. I would approach him with your reasoning and the materials that you plan to use. This will show him that you are serious about it.

BTW if you need help finding religious ed materials I can provide you with the info for some good materials that I have used. How old is your daughter?

Good Luck.

On Jul 22, 2008

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do plan on speaking to the priest without any prejudice notions, but perhaps he has never done anything like this is because he has never been asked & therfore he may not have an understanding of food allergy. (the lay people certainly don't as the first responses was the common "we don't serve food.") So I am gathering info to be prepared.

Thanks for the offer of religious ed. materials as well. My mother-in-law will be supplying those & will be very involved in her education. She just got recognized for 25 of CCD service in another diocese. I am not sure when I should mention her as I want the priest to be clear that I am doing this because of food allergies; I don't want him to get the impression that the FA is just an excuse because we feel my MIL is a better teacher.


P.S. I had a very bad Catholic School experience and all my interations with the church are tainted because of it.

On Jul 25, 2008

It sounds like you have a good plan. Good luck and let me know how it went. You have an very experienced rel. ed. teacher teaching your child one-on-one --- how could anyone think that this would not be acceptable (even if PA was not an issue)? This not about who is better, but about what is in the best interest of your child both health-wise [i]and[/i] faith-wise. BYW I am sorry to hear about your bad Catholic School experience. I hope that you have a good experience with this. Just remember that your relationship with your faith and God is larger than any person's (lay or religious) actions or words.