Homemade Yogurt

Posted on: Thu, 01/01/2004 - 4:08am
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Does anyone make their own yogurt? Could you share any tips and/or TNT recipes for flavored yogurt?

I have a 1 quart Salton yogurt maker and have only made yogurt once. I let it sit for 6 hours--the yogurt was very tasty (almost lemon-like) but not very thick even after chilling. Due to my DH's diet, I can only make fat-free yogurt so I know it won't be as great as the full fat stuff!


Posted on: Thu, 01/01/2004 - 10:02am
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Quote:Originally posted by Donni:
[b]Does anyone make their own yogurt? Could you share any tips and/or TNT recipes for flavored yogurt?
Homemade fresh, whole cooked cranberries make an excellent topping. (Love hearing the "popping" sound they make when cooking). Very different from commercially canned whole cranberries, IMPHO. Scrumptious. (Usually a very simple, quick recipie on back of package.) We use it for icecream, pancakes, waffles, [i]even over *my homemade rice-pudding*[/i]. I find them in my grocer section.
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Posted on: Thu, 01/01/2004 - 10:12am
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It is common to add nonfat dry milk powder to yogurt recipes to "thicken" up the yogurt. Homemade tends to be on the runny side.

Posted on: Fri, 01/02/2004 - 5:11am
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Here's the recipe I'm using, 4 cups Horizon Organic Fat Free Milk mixed with 1/2 cup nonfat dry milk...all heated 8 minutes in microwave, then cooled to 100-110

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