Homemade playdough

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I was inquiring about Mommy & Me programs for my PA son next year, and a friend mentioned that some of the homemade playdoughs may contain peanut butter. I have seen recipes for this myself. So I'm going to add this to my checklist of things to ask about when I start looking for preschools as well. Also, I noticed at my older son's preschool this week that one of the classes was planning to make ghoulish gunk or something to that effect but it contained among other things peanut butter and powdered milk. I hope they clean up well for the other kids who have severe allergies. Boy I dread when my PA allergic son gets to be school age.

On Oct 22, 1999

Thanks for the Homemade PlayDoh info. I didn't know that! I am wondering what "LIABILITY" a school or group has when they are aware of a PA child in their class/group. If a parent were to send a letter, explaining PA , and if the school either served something with peanuts in it, or had a project that contained peanuts, would they be legally responsible for their error? I wonder.l