Homemade pizza better than take out


Since learning that our son is PA we have avoided both take-out and restaurant food for him. In doing so we have stumbled upon this idea. Every week we have a fun pizza making night for the family to enjoy. We use prebought crusts from Loblaws: Presidents Choice Splendido/Thindido flatbreads (comes in packs of one large or 6 minis) and we load them with our favorite toppings. I make a homemade sauce from plum tomatoes, garlic and extra virgin olive oil (salt to taste) ahead of time and freeze them in portions suitable for our pizza nights. In advance I chop mushrooms, onions, bacon, tomatoes,olives etc and I keep a supply of pepperoni and shreded mozzarella on hand at all times. We bake them at 400 for about 20 min (depends on how crisp you like the crust). Everyone gets to create their pizza to their own liking and best of all, we enjoy this family tradition we have created. May sound pretty obvious, but all of our friends that have joined in on pizza night enjoy the novelty of this experience. Have fun!

On Jun 4, 2002

We do this as well but we buy our stuff from Bertuccis. There is usually enough cheese and sauce to make 2 pizzas - you just have to buy 2 packs of dough. I like it becuase we can make the pizza they way we like it - extra, extra cheese! One of these days I would like to try to stuff the crust with cheese.

On Jun 11, 2002

We do the same, except that we make our own dough too!

It's trivial with a bread machine, and it allows us to make individual pizzas, and to play with shapes

On Sep 9, 2002

Hi there,

We've been doing much the same thing although I have a concern.

I have always been under the impression that "all" President's Choice products are considered off limits unless you contact the company each and every time because they use a variety of manufacturers. I would be particularily concerned about a "baked product" like the splendito's you mentioned. If you've been told otherwise please let me know.

We bake our own pizza but I make a homemade crust which is surprizingly easy and the family loves it.


On Sep 9, 2002

double post!


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On Sep 9, 2002

Could we have your homemade pizza dough reciepe?

On Oct 16, 2002

Sorry. I just saw your request for my recipe.

Here it is

1 1/2 cup beer or water (i've always used water) 1 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 4 1/4 cups white flour (in the US use bread flour, yes the recipe says it) 2 teaspoons yeast

measure ingredients in the order listed into Baking Pan Insert Baking Pan into bread machine. Select DOUGH setting and push start button

2 hours later, you have your dough. Roll it, and garnish with whatever you want.

Bake at 425F for 15 - 25 minutes

On Oct 17, 2002

Here's our Homemade Pizza made eazy!

Rhodes "Frozen" Pizza dough!!!!! Thaw first. Only takes a few hours ahead. Any canned or homemade sauce. Any toppings of choice.

You can make either "thin" or "pan" type. Tho I have never experimented with "stuffed".

Can also make great "Calzones" or pizza turnovers if you will.

Best Wishes TLSMOM

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On Oct 18, 2002

Hi Darthcleo,

I tried you pizza dough recipe last night, and it was TERRIFIC! I topped it with a mixture of tom paste and sauce, grilled chicken, sauteed onions, broccoli, and fresh garlic.

Thanks, Andrea (who can now add pizza to her family's dinner options)

On Oct 22, 2002

Happy to be of help! :-D

Funny you topped it with chicken. That's what we usually do, and my mom looks at me funny. In her mind, pizza and chicken don't go together [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]