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My 3 year old daughter has a severe peanut allergy. I've gone through several daycares and preschools, changing food policies,etc. But something always makes us take her out for one reason or another due to the allergy. I'm considering home schooling. Actually, I've already started keeping her home, but I am looking at continuing this for elementary school. I feel it is too risky since she has reactions by contact. Anyone else doing this? what are your thoughts?

On May 31, 2002

We have 4 more years to decide, but at this point DH and I are leaning toward home schooling. If you have to threaten someone with a lawsuit to take care of your child appropriately, are they ever really going to give it their best effort?

On Jun 1, 2002

We have gone back and forth over this - at one point the decision was made that we would homeschool. Then I realized that we didn't even give the public school a chance. We have been meeting with them for at least 7 months, and it's going VERY well. We have already told them that if our son has too many contact reactions, we'll take him out.

I'm glad we're giving the school a chance. It's been hard work, and will continue to be, but if it can work, it'll be worth it. Our son is way above age level - he loves to learn. I know he'll love school.

One BIG thing that helped me decide to try the school was that there are SEVERAL people here whose kids go to school every day, and come home safe. If they can do it, I figure we can at least try!

Good luck with your decisions. I know it's hard.

On Jun 1, 2002

We homeschool our 5 1/2 year old son with multiple food allergies, and we love it!!! It was an incredibly difficult decision. We have an older son (2nd grade), and I have been very involved in our school. I just did not feel that he would be safe in that environment. Basically, any food that another child was eating would probably contain something that he is allergic to. They eat snacks in the classrooms, and many parties and events, and the lunchroom would probably not be safe with many messy young children eating various foods that my son is allergic to. We are very fortunate to live in an area that has many homeschooling families. We belong to a co-op, and our children participate in many activities together. In addition, we can choose a curriculum to best serve the individual child, study units that interest him, and proceed at a rate that challenges him. There is a lot of wasted time in school (administrative, line up, wait for all to finish, etc.) Homeschoolers can do their work and have time for hobbies, daytrips, and quality family time. My older son has decided that he would also like to homeschool, so in September, we will be homeschooling both. My son's allergies were instrumental in leading us in our decision to homeschool, but for many other reasons, I am glad that we made this decision. In my opinion, this is the best environment for our family.

On Jun 1, 2002

Thanks for your responses. I know that homeschooling is what is best for her at this point, it helps to get some reassurance. After much research re: home schooling, I feel like even if the pa wasn't present I'd definitely still consider it. The information re: test scores, etc. is amazing. Madison is also much above her age level and I believe home schooling just reinforces that. I feel like I could get the schools to change the obvious, but I will always be fearful everyday about the cross contamination from all of the brands, etc. This will always be on her mind, but I feel like sending her to school with this will just magnify the obsessiveness of it. I don't know, but I think I will give home schooling a shot. Thanks again!

On Jun 2, 2002


Do you have any good bbs that you can recommend for homeschooling? Thanks.

On Jun 4, 2002

Dear momjd, I'm not sure what a bbs is. Please, if anyone knows, let me in on it. By the way, for the longest time I thought LOL was a British expression. Thanks, Andrea

On Jun 4, 2002

gosh I must be old... bbs (bulletin boards) used to be message boards before the internet became the www.

On Jun 9, 2002

Here are some websites about homeschooling that I have found helpful:

gifteddevelopment.com -(homeschooling gifted students)- very informative and lists much info on curriculum, studies, and development.

[email]Krampf@aol.com[/email] - science experiments; can sign up for a free weekly experiment emailed to you(experiments are easy and use materials that are already around the house).

hoagiesgifted.org - website with much info whether homeschooling or traditional schooling.

embracingthechild.com Konos.com gwbc.com kidsource.com kendallhunt.com

On Jul 27, 2002

Does anyone know of a group of homeschoolers in the Lehigh Valley Pa that may get together for activities?