Holiday Traditions

Posted on: Tue, 12/05/2000 - 1:48am
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Just to try to get to know each other better I thought I would try this starter. What holiday tradtions does your family do at this time of year?
We celebrate christmas and put up all the decorations and lights and of course that jolly man in red visits on christmas. But we also talk about Hannukah as being christian and catholic I feel that my kids should know what Jesus celebrated as well. So besides making favorite christmas cookies we make latkes and read hannukah stories.
So how about it what does your family do???

Posted on: Tue, 12/05/2000 - 1:53am
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Well, until I was diagnosed as PA / NA earlier this year, we used to have a big bowl of nuts and crack our way through them... ;(
Nick (PA sufferer)

Posted on: Tue, 12/05/2000 - 3:20am
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Ever since my son came along, we've changed our traditions. My favorite new tradition that I mentioned on another thread is going away to a hotel for Thanksgiving. We rented a suite so the guys could have a living room to watch tv and I didn't have to shop, cook or clean for dinner! As far as Christmas, I've decided that I'm going to host dinner from now on because of the food allergy and because I just don't want to go out anywhere on that day. As far a tree, we haven't decided yet. A terrible two's toddler and a tree don't seem to go together very well. Maybe a table top tree. We're planing on making cookies for Santa (Santa [my husband] already put an order in for chocolate chip.) The big tradition that is to be established this year...should Santa wrap all the gifts or not? I'm thinking not because I'm so busy but that one's still up for debate. [img][/img]
I just thought of another tradition I want to start next year because my son is too young this year. I want to put a Pez dispenser and Pez candy in his stocking every year since Pez is a safe candy for him.
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Posted on: Tue, 12/05/2000 - 4:36am
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We solved our terrible-two toddler vs. Christmas tree problem with a silver, 32" high, fiberoptic tree that is truly hideous (in my humble opinion) but T-H-R-I-L-L-I-N-G to our almost-2-year-old. The tree sits atop the 5' tall secretary & so is pretty impressive to a 36" kiddo.
Our little guy's 2nd birthday is a week before Christmas & I am baking a pineapple upside-down cake, using red & green maraschino cherries for extra-festive touch. His 1st birthday last year was a total bust as it came 3 weeks after his first PA episode & ER visit (on Thanksgiving, no less). We were still so terrified of foods that his birthday "cake" was a cup of thickened baby food fruit with a candle stuck in it.
Regarding the maraschino cherries -- I know that they are full of dye, but he appears to have no problem with the ones in canned fruit cocktail & we have done a skin challenge with both colors & have seen no problems. I'm even planning to experiment by doing a few cupcake-style cakes using a deep muffin tin. I'll let you know how it works out!
After thinking a little more about the maraschino cherries & the outside possibility of an allergic reaction, I'd be open to any suggestions of substitutions for those? I can't get fresh cherries anywhere right now. Frozen blueberries & raspberries would "leak" & colors run. And strawberries are suspect right now for us. What have I missed? THX
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Posted on: Fri, 12/08/2000 - 1:07am
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Yarnwoman, this is a lovely thread. I am currently slacking off (I really can't afford to) from preparing for our annual Hanukah party (a bit early, I know). I guess it is more accurately a Chis-akah party; each year a group of my friends from college, their spouses and children come here for a holiday party. Yesterday I made 150 latkes, and today I am continuing with more artery-clogging food preparation. (I personally think that the Hanukah tradition of eating foods cooked in oil is a thinly veiled attempt to justify eating stuff we normally wouldn't DARE to eat!) If I think that the fat content of the food isn't high enough, I may top it off with Cayley's Mom's ice cream cake instead of waiting for my son's birthday. But that might be overkill even for me [img][/img].

Posted on: Fri, 12/08/2000 - 7:47am
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This is such a wonderful time of the year. We always used to go to my aunts house,and my aunt and uncle would play the piano. We would sing Christmas carols and just eat and enjoy everyones company. As kids we were so afraid our parents would keep us there and santa would miss us. Then there was always going together to get the tree. My dad always had to have the biggest on in the forest. Then stop and get dinner along the ride home. We would go to my relatives the following day and open gifts and have dinner there. On Christmas morning we had to sit on the stair way and wait for my grandparent to come over to watch us. It seemed like forever but they only lived around the corner. My Aunt has passed away and so have my grandparents. I miss them so much right now,but I enjoy the traditions that we have started. I have Christmas eve at my home now. First we all go to mass. Then Christmas day is at my parents. Whenever I think the kids would like a change in the tradition they talk about how much fun it is. I hope my children will always have the memories I have. family is the greatest gifts we can have. Take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS.CLAIRE

Posted on: Fri, 12/08/2000 - 12:58pm
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Let me just say that I love Christmas! I absolutely love this time of year. Now that I have children of my own (2 boys, 3 1/2 & 1 1/2) I am able to see it in a whole new way through their eyes.
We've just built our first home and are moving in 4 days before Christmas (UGH!), so my holiday season will be cut a little short this year. I am really looking forward to starting our own family traditions in our house.
My son's biggest concern, of course, is that Santa has our new address. We wrote two letters, talked to the Santa at the mall, and even followed up with a call to Santa. I think he pretty much covered all the bases! Happy Holidays! Deanna

Posted on: Sat, 12/09/2000 - 10:58am
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What a sweet thread! This is my first year as a married woman. I spent this afternoon decorating the house for Christmas. Tomorrow my son (seven) and my husband are going to put up the lights outside. We are all going to go and get a tree and decorate it together. I've got most of my family in CA (we're in WA now) and will really miss getting together and having the annual gift exchange. Will really really miss my family this year, but am looking forward to spending the season with my new family. Happy Holidays to you all...... hope you have a wonderful time!

Posted on: Sat, 12/09/2000 - 11:23am
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Anonymous (not verified)

I remember 3 years ago this month when we moved into our brand new home 6 days before Christmas. Boy can I relate to your situation.
Four days before Christmas is still NOT too late to tape those "Letters to Santa" on your window for the Elves to pick up for delivery to the North Pole. This is a great back up for new addresses!! [img][/img]
Happy Holidays!
Stay Safe.

Posted on: Wed, 12/13/2000 - 4:18pm
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Hi everyone, well I live in North Pole, Alaska. So Christmas is a very big thing here. If anyone would like letters postmarked from the North Pole (from Santa, of course)let me know asap. My older kids love doing things like that for little kids. My little one is almost two this year, and is enjoying the season very much. One mistake I made though was letting him open a Christmas present early, he now thinks that all the presents under the tree are for him and need to be opened immediately. Oh well, it is fun anyway. Our family usually alternates between houses for Chrismas, but this year everyone is coming to our house. I have told everyone not to bring anything, that we will cook all the food. A lot of work, but I will be assured of the safety. I liked the post about the fiberoptic tree, kind of wish I had gone that route, between the cat and the baby, the tree doesn't stand a chance. If anyone wants letters for their kiddos, include name, address, and anything else you want mentioned in the letter and e-mail me at [email][/email] Have a safe and Happy Holiday everyone.

Posted on: Wed, 12/13/2000 - 8:29pm
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Dalesmom, I am just curious as to the weather where you are. We just got our first storm,and school has been closed. My kids are very excited. Now it feels like christmas. I think I will do some baking and cleaning as long as my little helpers have the day off. Take care and thanks for the North pole info. claire


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