Hives won\'t go away!

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OK, I hope somebody here can help me. My PA ds (2-1/2) suddenly developed hives on 1/2 of his body today. He went to a new daycare today, but I stressed no peanuts and they had nothing on the menu with peanuts in it. After we got home he took a 2 hour nap (I noticed nothing strange before). After he woke up and we were outside, he went over to my neighbor to show her his tummy. Turns out he had hives/rash on the right side of his body. Face, arm, right side of torso and leg. I have given him a tsp of Benadryl twice in two hours and it's still there. I won't give him any more Benadryl tonight, but what can I do to help him? It's hot and itchy.



On May 16, 2003

I would call his pediatrician.

Hope he feels well soon.

On May 16, 2003

I would take the child to the emergency room! Better to be safe than sorry!

Give me a call if you want, I am still working.

See "Our contact info" on the home page for the phone number.

------------------ Stay Safe,


On May 16, 2003

Yes...if Benadryl is not taking care of the reaction...take him to the ER.

On May 17, 2003

Thanks for all the help. I did call his Dr. He said that it sometimes takes a few doses of Benadryl to work. Since my ds wasn't wheezing or swollen like he usually is, and didn't seem too uncomfortable, the Dr. said to give a few more doses through today and see what happens (but did stress that if I wanted my ds seen by him, bring him in). The rash is still there, but better, so we're still waiting and watching!


On May 17, 2003

It took 3 days of benadryl given every 5 hours to get rid of our hives. The doc confirmed that it may take several days to get all of the histamines out of her system.

On May 18, 2003

I did alot of research on hives when my poor dh came down with a terrible case of them this past fall. He has no known allergies, but a history of some mild eczema patches so perhaps sensetive skin and some undiagnosed allergy.

He was covered. He was miserable. It took three to 4 weeks on strong antihistamines to clear, and he used a steriodal creme to help control the inflammation and itch. We think we traced it to a laundry soap combined with an energy efficient washer(uses very little water, so you need very little detergent).

Anyway, my point is, I read that hives can last several days to a few weeks, once they are triggered. They can be triggered by any number of causes, even stress(and we were under great stress at this time with a nephew nearly dying, his sister's baby). Sometimes, there is no know cause(that is ever found). It has not happened again. Just thought I would add what I discovered about hives, in general. Very frustrating, especially when we are dealing with life threatening allergy in our children who cannot tell us much about what they feel!

Glad he(your ds) is better. Becca

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On May 18, 2003

I think everyone gave good advice. I also think this is not exactly the place to go to if you need immediate help.

If ever in doubt go to an ER or call 911.

Wait-and-see is what does serious injury to most PA kids. Waiting to see what happens and waiting to see what the internet says also.


On May 19, 2003

Wanted to add for future reference, with non-life threatening, but very uncomfortable hives, my son and I have found some relief from cold showers, while waiting for the anti-histamine to kick in. One case of week-long hives had my son in and out of a cold tub several times a day.

I don't know that this helped to get rid of the hives, but it did help relieve the itching.