Hives on face from skin cream - sunflower oil or soybean oil?


Hi everyone, just wondering if you think there is a link between peanuts/tree nuts and sunflower oil. Last Sunday night my daughter (pa & tna) had a reaction to lotion that I put on her face before bedtime - the only ingredients listed that I think might be the culprit are sunflower oil, oat kernel extract or soybean oil. She tested negative for soybean at the allergist though.

I have an appointment on Tuesday to have her tested for the other ingredients. Can you think of any others they should include while we're there? Here is a picture of Emma's face about 2 minutes after we put the lotion on; she was complaining that it was burning, so naturally I washed it off right away and she was fine. Thanks for any insight!

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On Mar 16, 2007

I'll try this again:


On Mar 17, 2007

Hi, she is cute! I don't know that much about sunflower allergy, we have pn & tn. But there are a lot of people who are allergic to seeds.

My son has really sensitive skin and some aggravate his skin, cause burning, itching and redness. None have had sunflower or any nut ingredients.

For example sunscreens wreak havok on his skin, anything with alpha hydroxy as well. I don't always know what ingredient is causing the irritation. Some people have trouble with lanolin.

See what your dr says. I use Acid Mantle or Cera Ve Cream for my son and it's worked well without all the itching. Oh, Dr Bobby too.

Let us know.

On Mar 17, 2007

oh, poor peanut!! I have very sensitive skin, I don;t have allergies, but my face flaris up and itches horribly if I use a lotion with Alpha Hydroxy. I guess I'll just have wrinkles! My son(with MFA) also flairs up and gets hives from sunblock...I don't think it's an allergy from the ingredients, I just think he is extremely sensitive...we ALWAYS use sensitive skin products now.

I'd take the bottle and the pic in and have the allergist try to figure it out. IN the meantime, stay away from the lotion. I tend to stick with baby products for all my kids(even my 8yr old uses baby stuff) we just have alot more luck with gentler things. Good luck, hope you get sme answeres next week.

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On Mar 17, 2007

Hi there. I'm sorry your daughter reacted to the lotion. She's adorable.

It can be the sunflower oil if she tested negative to soy. They can test for seeds.

I would also check the lotion for other names for tree nuts (prunus spelling?) can mean almond or sesame oil. I don't remember. I always thought this was oil from a fruit or fruit seed like plums/prunes but it's not.

My son is PA/TNA and allergic to seeds (sesame, poppy & sunflower). Our allergist tested him for sesame because he said many children who are allergic to peanut can become allergic to seeds also. We found out about sunflower allergy after he almost ate a tortilla chip made with sunflower oil. He pulled it out of his mouth before taking a bite. I called the doctor and he said sunflower oil.

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On Mar 17, 2007

you know - that looks like the reaction my friend (no allergies) gets from skin products with alpha & beta hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, and benzoyle (sp?) peroxide. They can be very very harsh for sensitive skin and children's skin.

She complains immediately of burning skin and gets a red rash like you dd has.


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On Mar 20, 2007

Well we went the allergist today, and my daughter is allergic to sunflower seeds. The allergist didn't test for anything else, and gave me absolutely no advice (we are finding a new doctor tomorrow), but did say that sunflower oil in lotions is cold-pressed, which does not break down the allergen, but when sunflower is cooked it does break down (does not cause a reation, or as severe a reaction.) It seems that avoiding sunflower seeds in lotions should be easier than avoiding all peanuts and tree nuts!

On Mar 21, 2007

I just read my Cetaphil moisturizer this morning only to find out it has MACADAMIA NUT OIL. Who would guess? This is just posted as an FYI - good luck with your little girl!!!


On Mar 21, 2007

LB-PhD - Thank you so much! This was the moisturizer that my allergist actually recommended using -- obviously not remembering/caring that my daughter has PA & TNA. I was going to pick it up at Target today, and I would have checked the label but thank you for the heads up! Good Grief!