hives on back


my son is allergic to peanuts and some tree nuts and sesame. his allergist says his numbers are decreasing rapidly though and she thinks he is outgrowing it. since saturday morning he has been getting hives, mostly on his back, which come and go. even with benadryl he is still breaking out. he comes downstairs with a clear back and within minutes breaks out, before he eats. i dont know if he is allergic to dust again, they said he outgrew it, outdoor, mold, milk?? we have cats that we keep outside and he is allergic. i did let the cat walk thru the house on friday but i have done that before many times. i dont know why the hives arent going away and why they keep coming back. he is going to allergist on monday to rule out new food allergies?? the pediatrician said its a mystery??

On Sep 17, 2008

Has he recently been sick? One of my sons has had a reaction to having been sick a few times now where he randomly breaks out into hives for a few days after the illness passes.

On Sep 17, 2008

a friend of mine knows someone who just had hand foot mouth disease and now she is getting hives. i know you can get hives when you are sick or afterwards. he was at a bday party, maybe he picked up an illness, but does not and hasnt seemed sick lately. one of my friends daughters face broke out in hives for three weeks, she thought it was strawberries, she ended up being allergic to cats and crabgrass. they said she must have touched something outside. wouldnt my sons symptoms worsen when he went outside though?

On Sep 17, 2008

My daughter broke out in hives Monday. She had a little bit of a rash on Sunday around her neck. It looked similar to a heat rash and we had triple digit weather that day so I really wasn't worried about it. I made cookies on Monday and after she had eaten one, we noticed that the hives worsened. I thought she was having a reaction to the chocolate chips I had put in some cookies, she is allergic to peanuts. We had a scheduled doctor's appointment today. The doctor asked if she had been sick. She had a fever everyday since last friday, but no other signs of sickness. The doctor said it may be an allergic reaction, but Benadryl would help reduce the hives. She felt that because Benadryl didn't help, it was probably more likely a viral rash. That the fevers that she had over the weekend was a virus that she caught and now it was causing hives. The doctor tested her for Scarlet Fever, and that test came back negative. The hives are all over her body but mainly on her torso. The doctor said it wasn't contagious and that it should go away on it's own.

My daughter just started pre-school last Tuesday. I've also heard that a virus with high fevers is going around. We are keeping her on Benadryl for now and being extra careful on what we give her, but we think it is probably this viral rash. I hope this helps.

On Sep 17, 2008

thanks. i know he wakes up in morning without a rash and suddenly gets hives before he has eaten anything. last nite he was hive free and then after bath got hives. i hope it clears up.

On Sep 22, 2008

My daughter use to get hives after a bath too and now occasionally gets it after a shower. I agree with the others that it could be from the virus or illness he had.