Hives on arms and flushed face????

Posted on: Sat, 01/15/2005 - 2:00am
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We have had a h*** of a 2 weeks at Madeline's school! We need help and advice from anyone who may be of help! First, background info, she is 6 and is in her first year of public school (first grade). She is pn/tn/soy allergic and is a PN/TN free room and the school is EXCELLENT in being PN/TN avoidance. She started school this past fall and I think the school has been GREAT in making safe arrangements for Maddie.
Previous to Christmas break from school she had not had ONE hive or reaction since the start of school. Since the break she has gone home from school EVERY day with hives all over her arms and she has a flushed face with splotches on it. The school has not changed any procedures or products in school (cleaning products, wipes for the kids, etc). We took Maddie to the allergist after the 3rd day of hives. We had a RAST test done and found that her egg allergy is back (and high #s) and so is her wheat allergy!!! She outgrew these allergies at 2years old!! So...after having an emotional breakdown with hubby, I took wheat and egg out of her diet. She STILL got hives at school the last 8 days. She does not have hives at home. I shadowed her on Friday to school and took notes as to when/where the hives show up. She got hives after being at school for 40 min. The hives grew, got worse, and then dissappeared completely while she was in the lunch room eating lunch. She was fine the rest of the day. VERY odd and confusing for us. In her 504 we have stated that if she gets any hives, administer Benedryl, call parents and she goes home (Benedryl makes her sleepy). Now because of that, she has missed 2 weeks of school. WHAT could she be reacting to??????? Any thoughts??? The school is claiming that they are not using new carpet cleaner or any cleaners, but I'm not sure I believe them. My gut says she might be reacting to the carpet cleaner? Could that be possible??
Madeline is an emotional wreck, crying that she wants to stay for the whole day at school and that she is missing all the fun stuff.
Sorry to go on and on. I feel so sad for her, and angry that I can't SOLVE this mystery to help her out.

Thanks for listening!
(mom to Madeline 6 1/2 and Grant almost 3)

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