Hives for the 1st time, after 7 years w/out


Okay, I know there are many topics going now that reference to this topic, but I had to ask a few questions anyway. I also plan on asking the doc as soon as we get into him again.

My 7 yo DS has broken out into hives 3 times in the last two weeks..all three times at school. No known ingestion, ate the same foods he always eats. This is our first experience with hives. I used to say that I only wished one of his reactions were hives..only because asthma and gastro is so hard to pick up early, unlike hives. Now, I wish he never broke out. Of course, after reading most of the posts today..I messed up and only did benadryl. So, I have a few questions for ya..

1. How many of you/child experienced hives as a reaction well into this "disease" for the first time?

2. How many of you use benadryl vs. epi with hives when there are no other symptoms and there is no reason to believe it was ingested?

3. Is there anyone here that did not use the epi and later had ana..and needed to use the epi?

4. I know that some believe or have experienced ana. with inhalation or touch and then there are those that do not believe you can have ana. with these two incidents. If a child can come in contact with it..via wall, faucet, another child, etc..and then puts his hands in his eyes, mouth.. How can you possibly differentiate between what could have been the problem (ingestion or not) and if Epi is necessary? Does any of that make sense?

5. Is it possible that his sensitivity has increased? He was already sensitive to it through smell, but would usually get red, swollen, itchy eyes.

My doctor has always said no matter what, use the epi. I know it is better to do it and it be a false alarm rather than not use it..but when all they have are hives, not other syptoms, not feeling bad at all.. grrr

Ya know, you KNOW you should use it..and yet I hesitate. How awful is that? Is the needle that intimidating to me? That means that I would have used the epi three times in 9 days for three seperate incidents. He went the entire school year with little to no reactions and then, what I assume to be slacking off by teachers due to the end of the year craze, he has three in two weeks time. This last one was Friday, the last day of school. He still has the hives on his face and hands (palms of hands). He also gets a lacey rash on his belly and thighs.

I guess the bottom line is to use it no matter what..boy am I glad school is out!

Sorry so long, but thanks for letting me get it out.

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On May 29, 2005

Hi Renee-

With my dd reaction she got a red rash, it was one of the last symptoms during her reaction.

After I knew she had ingested a cookie with some walnuts ( she is PA/TN and sesame allergic) I thought that her first symptom would be hives- when I did not see them I thought, OK she is not reacting.

I was wrong. Instantly her throat felt funny. I gave her Benadryl and she seemed ok. After I brought her home, she was really complaining of a tummy ache( this was a few years ago) After a little bit of time, she threw up and that is when her reaction went crazy. She was wheezing (she has asthma) I did treatments on her, than I noticed the rash starting on her neck- at this point I called 911. they came and took us to ER- I had her Epi and was afraid to use it- maybe I did not need it, yet!

The ER staff in communication with the ambulance actually told them to give it to her. They said, well we are almost at the hospital lets wait.

As soon as we got to ER they slammed her with Epi, also injections of Benadryl and steroids. It was awful- she required 3 breathing treatments in all, and the rash eventually susided in the course of our saty.

So, she never had hives and I did learn to never hesitate to give Epi- if she has any symptoms or known ingestion- it is Epi first and formost.

She is also on daily Zyrtec but I would also give her benadryl at the same time.

I realize I went on and on... just my experience. Gwen

On May 30, 2005


Thank you for sharing your experience. I hear stories a lot about people with immediate reactions, they know that their child is having a reaction. I very rarely hear of someone tell a story about their child having a reaction and they just were not sure.

It seems that your child reaction took some time to begin. Do you know how much time elapsed from the time she ate the cookie to the time she became serious?

I will say that I am so surprised that the ambulance driver waited until they got to the hospital. At least everything turned out okay in the end, how scary.

Thanks for sharing,


On May 30, 2005


I would say that it was just about an hour before she became very bad. I hear now that a delayed reaction is very common.

What scares me is that now that she has had a reaction, you never know the course that another one would take. Maybe it would be more instaneous. It is all so unknown. Especially with dd asthma- that is what is so scary, it will just cause her asthma to flare very quickly.

I will always wonder if I had used her Epi sooner, maybe she would not have had such a bad time... Such the life of a mother. Always doubting, fearful, teary about what could have been if only...

Take care, Gwen

On May 30, 2005


Originally posted by MQriley2: 4. I know that some believe or have experienced ana. with inhalation or touch and then there are those that do not believe you can have ana. with these two incidents. [/B]


When we lived in Dallas, another PA child we knew had an anaphylactic reaction from touching equipment at The Little Gym (a place we took DS to and loved). Apparently someone in the class before hers had pb before his/her class, and by the time the next class rolled around and the PA child touched the equipment, it was enough to set of an ana. reaction. The mom gave the epi (while her DD was in her car seat I believe on the way to her doctor's or the hospital (I can't remember).

I know this doesn't answer your rash question, but know that anaphylaxis is possible from contact. Pretty scary!

BTW--after that, The Little Gym worked with the mom to make it a safe environment for her daughter. And we never had any problem at all there. DS went for a few years and even had two birthday parties there.